Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before The Kate Hate Train Rolls Again...

Hello my dear friends -

There are two things I wanted to write about before tonight's episode:


I FINALLY downloaded the Lost Season One soundtrack, which has been out for a while now. I don't know what took me so long, because it rocks. If you have the chance to check it out, my two favorite tracks are "Life and Death" and "Parting Words." The latter is the score used during the final scene in the Season One finale where the raft launches and Vincent runs into the water and Sun and Jin say good-bye and I was bawling my ass off. It is an incredible score and I am happy I now own it (among 26 other tracks, which have crazy names like "Booneral" and "Locke'd Out Again."

It was hard to find in iTunes (entering "Lost" did NOT bring it up). If you want to check it out, type "Giacchino" (the composer) in the search bar and then click on "Albums" next to his name which should come up on the left. There is a Season Two soundtrack as well, which I will probably download shortly. My favorite title on that one is "I Crashed Your Plane, Brotha." (I am not making up these track titles, even though it sounds like I could've!)


The first official podcast of the season has been released, and I just listened to it. Previously this year Lost had run a few video podcasts, but the usual (longer) audio-only podcasts with Cuse and Lindelof were put on hold because of the WGA strike. It was good to hear their witty and sleep-deprived comments once again, I must admit. Here is what they said that I deemed to be of importance, while leaving out any slightly spoilerish information:

- Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid are confirmed to be four of the Oceanic Six. Kate isn't going to be hiding in the future under some assumed identity. She is definitely one of The Six. They said the other two will be revealed soon, but that they "may be a bit more tricky." Whatever that means! (And don't tell me if you do know what it means.)

- Future Sayid was compared to Jason Bourne and James Bond. They said that they thought the fact that he was "famous" for being one of the Oceanic Six provided the perfect cover for him to be an international assassin - no one would suspect it because he is such a well-known person by that time.

- The time difference on the clocks in Daniel's experiment is important. "Some sort of time fluctuation occurred." DUH!

- Lindelof said he would've gone with Locke when the groups split, because if he was in the Lostaways' shoes at that time, when they didn't know that Jack would indeed get off the Island, he would've thought that Locke had a more salient argument because of Charlie's warning. "It wouldn't be as much that I was going with Locke as it would be that I would want to be away from Jack." Cuse said he would've gone with Jack because Rose did (he loves Rose).

- Hurley said dude 73 times in Season One. In Season Two he said it 44 times. In Season Three he said it 72 times. They then figured out the "DPEs" (Dudes Per Episode) since Hurley wasn't in all episodes in those seasons. Finally, they claimed that the number of DPEs are in Jorge Garcia's contract and they can't go above a certain number, but they are trying to raise the quota. Are you understanding the level of silliness in these podcasts now?

- In the Q&A session, someone asked how the polar bear with the Dharma collar ended up in the desert in Tunisia. They explained a few theories, one of which was: "There may be properties of the Island that are potentially capable of transporting things from the Island off of the Island." They then recommended that people view The Orchid Station video, because it is important. "We rarely include things outside of the show that are important to the story, but in this case, the video is." Can't remember it? It was shown at the Comic-Con convention last summer. See it here.

- Someone else asked if the cow Frank saw was Patchy's cow. They confirmed that it was. There goes my Armageddon theory! Apparently the cow's name is Svetlana. Season Six will be all about this cow and will be called: "The Adventures of Svetlana."

- They intentionally named Charlotte "Charlotte Staples Lewis" as a shout-out to C.S. Lewis. Additionally, "There are themes in the Narnia chronicles that are very relevant for Lost." They went on to say that, like Narnia, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland are all stories that "are on the other side of Earth. They are not fantasy realms like in Star Wars...Narnia is actually connected to the world that we know, as is Oz, as is Wonderland. As is our Island."

I think that sheds a lot of light on where the story is going... which gives me hope.

Enjoy tonight,
- e


Anonymous said...

Thanks for breaking down the podcast info for us! Besides watching the show itself and reading your blog (and maybe some occasional articles- usually recommended by you!), I do not read/see anything about the show. So, it kind of annoys me that important points are presented outside of the show itself. How is the average watcher supposed to keep up? It makes me wonder if in the end, it's going to be a very elaborate, yet ridiculous, explanation for all the happenings of the Island that no one will understand without a summarizing podcast! OR if all this extra, "important" information won't matter at all.
With all that said, I still CAN NOT WAIT FOR TONIGHT or for your write-up next week. I think I like reading the blog almost as much as watching the show!

Christy G said...

yay! thanks for the summary of the podcast. i must check it out later, because those two crack me up. now, i must stand up for my girl kate!! i hope she makes me proud tonight :) eagerly awaiting tonight's episode...didn't the previews tell us one of the 6 will be revealed?? hmm...guess we will find out soon!!! and of course after the show i will be eagerly awaiting your recap. you have such great insights. i didn't get a chance to commment on your last write-up BUT i loved your theory about future ben catching up with sayid and recruiting him. i really was not able to make much sense of last week's episode, but that helped me reason it out a little better :)

tiff said...

missed the podcasts so so much. Also just introduced to your blog. LOVE! Will be visiting to see your take on Eggtown. I'm the conductor on the Kate Hate Train.

Anonymous said...

"Before the Kate Hate Train rolls again"

Truer words have never been spoken.

I just hope E hasn't lost any faith in Locke after tonight.
I will always side with Locke. He has a plan and I trust him.

Anonymous said...

oh this episode just made me sad.

i like kate, like i said on my last post, and i dont think theres much reason for a kate hate train, she didnt do anything to harm anyone, she actually - even if unintentionally - got some info out of miles. and you can see that she's back to her old independent self, which i think its good... but people tend to dislike, strong independent women.. i dont mean to sound all feminist but its true. its okay, though.

but i didnt like the ending. lost has taken a train to depression city and im not liking it. com'on, if kate is with aaron, it surely means that claire has bitten the dust... yes, she was giving him up to adoption but now we see her as a caring doting mum, why does kate has aaron??

i got so depressed when the credits rolled...
there are all these lies, jack is uncomfortable around aaron, sayid is out there killing for ben... kate seems to want to protect aaron (its weird how abbadon and others arent there trying to "help her").
maybe im just a silly girl, but i want them all living adventures on the island....
and not some grim future were kate, jack and aaron go back to the island to fulfil some kind of island destiny (remember that weird psychic who sent claire off to the island?), and everybody else is dead. i think they should be through with killing original losties. i dont want anymore deaths.

this flashforward thing is very intriguing but its also a bit frustrating, cos we get to see the future (which is not very bright), while we see our hopeful losties not aware of the darkness that awaits for them....

these last 2 episodes made me sad.

Anonymous said...

also, i liked locke in this episode, i think in the beginning it made it look like he is losing it - with him getting into ben's mind games as always, and asking 'james' what he thought about his leadership - showing his insecurity

and we tend to think he is wrong - with future hurley comment to jack and all - but i think they are messing with us. i loved his attitude with miles in the end, and i loved how he said he was the responsible for the well being of the island.

i want to believe in a brighter future, and locke is my hope.

Oceanic Flax said...

You are amazing. I have been watching "Lost" since its' debut, and have been to countless websites reading tons of articles and reviews, and I can honestly say I don't believe anyone puts more thought, creativity and passion in their posts than you do.

I also don't like Kate. Locke & Desmondo are the best characters on the show. I know you're a big Sayid fan, and I must say I was a little sad by the fact that you didn't like "The Economist," because it was the first time that I myself actually started to like Mr. Jarah. I never hated the guy, I just never liked his flashbacks or the fact even though he was a communications officer, he helped with the lack of communication on the island.

Anyway enough about my rambling. After stumbling onto this site I'll be a frequent visitor. Maybe we could share theories sometime.

Take care. I await your "Eggtown" review.
- Flax

Anonymous said...

Well, I do dislike Kate, and also Jack. These two really deserve each other !

Anonymous said...

e - I'm guessing you didn't like Eggtown any more than The Economist. Me neither. Boo-urns.

Anonymous said...

I knew the baby would be Aaron, but then I was so sad to see I was right b/c where is his real mom Claire??? What happens that makes it so Jack can't bear to be around his nephew? Will he ever find that connection out? Does Aaron count as one of the 6? Sooo many more questions!
At least we know who the "he" Kate refered to in the season finale when she said "I have to get back before he knows I'm gone."

I'm sad to see how it's all turning out. I hope that there is a future future where things get better!