Wednesday, January 30, 2008


UPDATE 1:04 PM CST: Yep, "The Walt Disney Company" has already removed the video from YouTube (Disney owns ABC). Damn you, Mickey!!!! Sorry, guys. I have a feeling that it will be posted on ABC's Missing Pieces homepage soon, though. I'll let you know tomorrow and will still post my analysis of the video tomorrow.

Hello my dear friends -

Surprise! Shout-out to Ernie for alerting me to the latest "Missing Piece" video which is not yet on ABC--it is significant enough to warrant its own post today. I found it on YouTube but it may be taken down soon... I never know how strict ABC is with that sort of thing. Anyway, check it out... I don't consider it a spoiler as ABC has posted all the others and will eventually post this one.

This one is called "So It Begins." You'll figure out the huge meaning of this shortly...


I will write my thoughts on this video in my Premiere Day post tomorrow morning...

- e

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