Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The March Contest Winner

... is Robbie Freeman, randomly selected from over 160 Lost fans who told me what piece of memorabilia they'd love to snag from the set, as well as their favorite Detour Designables tee.

Robbie said, "No doubt about it, it would have to be Charlie's Drive Shaft Ring." Good pick! For his efforts, Robbie will soon be sporting the shirt to the right.

If you've got a few minutes, I highly recommend scanning through everyone's responses -- while the Dharma van, Faraday's journal and Eko's Jesus Stick were probably the items mentioned most often, there were also some more, um, unusual entries... like Locke's infamous orange slice. Whatever floats your boat, people!

Somebody wrote me that Jorge Garcia (Hurley) recently talked about what he wanted to take with him on the new podcast he's been recording with his girlfriend Bethany. I don't know what he'd decided on though, as I haven't had time to listen to "Geronimo Jack's Beard" yet (is that the best name ever, or what?), but if you're curious I'm sure you can find his comments among one of the previous recordings here. And if you know what his response was, leave it for me in the comments so I don't have to wait until I get a chance to listen to all of his podcasts this summer!

Thanks to everyone who entered; I'll definitely have another contest in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that. And more importantly, enjoy the show tonight and remember that it's due to run six minutes long, so set your DVRs accordingly!

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RobPerrin said...

Jorge mentioned that he'd like to have the makeshift flag that Hurley held on the golf course.

Ms Kapuya said...

and beth wants to fix up and make a chair out of a plane seat.

Tim said...

His first answer was the plane :). Then he said the flag.

Sherylm said...

Great choice for the piece of memorabilia, Robbie! Exactly what I had picked :-)

You'd like the Jorge Garcia and Beth "Sidekick 22"'s podcasts. They are really funny.

Enjoy LOST tonight, you lucky Statesiders.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I read today that people think Jacob is the devil (or evil) and the Black monster is actually the good one. I dismissed this entirely until just now when I watched this episode again Ab Aeterno. When the boat reaches the shore, the one slave who can see shore says, "I see the devil (as he is looking at the foot statue). The devil is guarding the island." We all know from watching this and other episodes that Jacob resides in the foot. And we know from this episode that he is "guarding" the island from the smoke monster leaving. Could it be possible that roles are reversed? Man, this show just throws me.

Jennifer said...

Okay I just posted something that I thought was pretty relevant, but have no idea if it was published or if you can see it... it was about role reversal.