Sunday, October 01, 2006

Are we there yet?

Hello my dear friends -

By now I hope you are well aware that Season 3 of Lost starts up this coming Wednesday, October 4th. If not, uh... DUH! Where have you been?

Actually, it already aired in Hawaii, and a ton of spoilers are out there - so... you know the rules - if you send me any spoilers I will hunt you down and go all Eko on your ass. The only thing I know, which I am GLAD to know, is that it is getting extremely positive reviews. [Deep sigh of relief by e]

The episode name? "A Tale of Two Cities." I can only assume that that is a play on The Others' camp vs. The Lostaways' Camp, but I'm not sure.

Recap of the Recap

We've missed you! *Sob!*Last week a recap episode aired that was actually pretty good for once. I actually teared up during it because I miss the show so much. Yes, I'm crazy. It was interesting to see what they chose to show/explain from the past two seasons when they only had an hour to do so. For example, when showing scenes that included "the tailies," Libby was NEVER shown. They went so far as to show Michael shooting Ana Lucia, but not Libby, nor did they mention her when showing the funeral that was actually for both women?!?! Suspect. But then they DID choose to replay the scene where Hurley and Sayid are listening to the radio and come across some big band-sounding station for a few seconds. Sayid said, "That could be from anywhere..." and Hurley responds, "Or any TIME." There is hope for the time warp theory yet, I tell you!

At the end of the clip show was a new preview with more insight as to what will happen in the premiere. I seriously went so psycho over the new clips that I started wriggling and hopping all over the place. My husband looked at me with this face that asked, "What in the holy hell are you doing?" I replied to his look by saying, "Didn't you ever wriggle all around in bed when you were a kid when you were really excited about something" No? Just me? Oh well. Dogs do it, too, actually.

Then about 3 minutes ago I was searching for the clip on YouTube and came across one that shows that clip plus even more... so
here you go. I just watched it 5 times in a row and started shrieking each time after it was over. It looks awesome. I may have a heart attack on Wednesday BEFORE it airs, just from the anticipation.

Season 2 DVD cliffnotes

Please let there be more of me in Season 3!While I did not get around to reading "Bad Twin" over the summer, I did watch the "extras" DVD from Season 2, and it was pretty good. Nothing really signficant to note, but here are a few highlights:

- They got the "boop" sound that the ill-fated countdown clock/computer made from a scanning machine at a grocery store. I always felt that sound was extremely familiar, and now I know why.
- The hatch was originally going to be this Tomorrow Land (from Disney World) looking thing, which would've been awful.
- They so poignantly pointed out that after dedicating himself to button duty in the hatch, Locke had come full circle and was once again "a button-pusher in a cubicle," much like in his previous life at the box company.
- There were additional flashbacks from Locke and Shannon, but neither really added anything.
- There was a deleted scene where the tailies found a crate washed up on the shore, and it was a bunch of boomerangs from Australia. I felt that that was signficant only in the sense that it was a symbol for how no one ever seems to be able to leave the island.
- The blooper reel was excellent, but too short. If you have the Season 2 DVDs or can rent them, definitely watch that section, as well as "the making of the hatch."

The Meaning of the Numbers?

After knowing what REAL hate is with Ana Lucia, I will no longer hate Kate this year.As you may remember, near the end of Season 2, a "faux-mercial" started airing during each episode of Lost, causing everyone to freak out. Then there were Hanso Foundation ads that ran at the end of movies, in the Washington Post, in Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly, they were everywhere. That was the beginning of "The Lost Experience," an interactive, virtual game that recently came to an end. It was quite extensive, and I just didn't have the time to get into it. I was banking on someone else following it and letting me know what happened at the end. I did find a good recap of the game, which you SHOULD read, as it apparently explained the meaning of The Numbers. Additionally, my good friend ,The Sausage King of Detroit (only slightly less famous than Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago), sent along a link to this video (another Hanso tape), which gives the same explanation for the numbers.

Something tells me they are trying to wrap up the obsession with The Numbers AND move away from the Hatch this next season (since it pretty much got destroyed).

As with last year, you can expect my post on "A Tale of Two Cities" to be up right before episode 2 airs. As in, it will still take me a week to write the recaps because I was not able to build a machine to slow the passage of time over the summer, which I am very sad about.

In the meantime, you may want to refresh your memory by re-reading the Season 2 Finale Post.


- e


Wes said...

Did you watch this YouTube teaser - about 1.5 mins. It's horrible. Did you watch this YouTube teaser - about 1.5 mins. It's horrible. I'm assuming it was put together by an amateur since it is loaded with clips from last season and in the end announces: “Comming Soon.” (sic.)

e said...

Yes, most of the "previews" I saw on YouTube were done just by random fans and they were all bad. It was hard to find the real ones!

Abby said...

Interesting video (The #s, 30% reduction in population & the "vacine"/poison). My issue, however, is that this info is not included in the TV show. It seems pretty important to understanding the essence of the show, but maybe it's not - who knows. My point is that all the crutial info should be on the TV show, but I get the sense that they'll take the top-line Hollywood approach and have challenging topics "fade away" on the TV version, hoping that mass America won't remember the various misc. topics. And the writers will close the loop on loose ends/story lines using an off-screeen approach for the die-hard fans, which I think is very annoying!