Tuesday, April 17, 2007

S3Ep16 - One of Us (Juliet's second flashback)

I am NOT dressed appropriately.Hello my dear friends -

I received many emails the morning following "One of Us" - most people wanted reassurance that it was, actually, a really good episode, right? Yes, indeed, it was a great episode. At the end of the hour, I was struck by how much Juliet is actually like Jack, and how the title, "One of Us," was so clever. Both sides have a reason to think that Juliet is "with them," but she is really on no one's side but her own. Similarly, if you remember at the end of the sixth episode, before the show went on hiatus, we were left wondering what exactly the Mad Doctor's plan was - as he seemed to be following his own agenda entirely. He didn't just complete the surgery like Benry (and Kate, for that matter) asked, and he didn't fake a screw-up and kill Benry like Juliet had asked, he took a middle road on his own and ensured Kate and Sawyer's escape before sewing Benry back up. And then he only agreed to help Benry's recovery after ensuring a promise that he could go home.

We now know that Juliet and Jack have that one desire in common - to get off of the island (remember, the majority of the other Lostaways may not have that same motivation). Benry has been holding threats about Juliet's sister over her head for three years, and it's obvious that Juliet is going to do whatever it takes to get back to see little Julian. But Juliet hasn't always been playing along with Benry, since it was her idea to try and get Jack to botch the surgery. And she did kill Pickett, and she did receive the brand (more on that later). I think that at this point, Juliet is going to work with whomever she thinks can provide her with the best chances of escape. And it was in the last few minutes of the episode when we saw that, for now, she was back to thinking that person was Benry. Yes, I am The Mole! Now where's Anderson?How many people were shocked that we didn't have to wait until the finale to receive confirmation that Juliet was indeed infiltrating the Lostaways' camp as part of Benry's plan? We didn't really even get the proper time needed to drive ourselves nuts debating it?!?!?

Back to the episode at large - as always, there were a ton of things I missed upon my initial viewing that the geniuses on the boards brought to everyone's attention. And for the first time in a long time, the flashbacks actually provided us with MUCH MORE important information than the actual island happenings did, so I will focus on the island scenes first and get those out of the way. I will also say that some people out there are really nuts, and I will cover a few of the theories from people who I can only assume are on crack.

Without further ado...


I think my mouth actually dropped open when Sayid wasted NO time once he was alone with Juliet in starting to ask all of the major questions that any normal person would be wondering about:

Juliet: OK. Let's have it.
Sayid: I want to know what you people are doing on this island. Why you are terrorizing us, making lists, kidnapping children. I want to know everything. But the first thing I'd like to know is...who are you?
Juliet: If I told you who I was, if I told you everything that I know...you'd kill me.
Sayid: What do you think I'll do if you don't?

Definitely one of the Sayid's best lines ever. But then of course the Mad Doctor had to continue his ultra-annoying streak and ruin the whole thing:

Is that a CHALLENGE, Jack?Jack: Leave her alone.
Sayid: Sooner or later she'll answer my questions.
Jack: She'll answer your questions when she's ready. And you'll wait until she is. She's under my protection.

Now, who else besides me was rolling their eyes at Jack's machismo at that point in the episode? Ummm, I have a secret to tell you, Jack - Sayid could kick your ass with a blindfold on, one hand tied behind his back AND his feet tied together. Many tattoos does not a tough guy make! It was on the verge of ridiculousness that they even had Jack attempt to appear like he could protect Juliet from Sayid should Sayid really want to do something to her. But I guess for now Sayid decided to play along.


Since we've been so exposed (some would say over-exposed) to the Mad Doctor this season, it is hard to keep things in perspective about why in the hell anyone else would be happy to see him. However, for everyone on the beach minus Kate and Sawyer, it has been about three weeks since he left on that fateful journey to retrieve Waaaaallllt. Since he IS a doctor and WAS their de facto leader, I guess I can see why there would be a collective sigh of Cue swooning by the lady fans.relief that he had returned in one piece.

... Except that he brought "one of THEM" along.

There were several people rejoicing on the boards over Kate and Sawyer's emotional hug. I must say, at this point there is no way she should ever be making goo-goo eyes at Jack again.


Stop stealing my thunder!Charlie and Claire are honestly the most annoying couple ever. I know I was supposed to be all concerned for Claire, and they definitely did a great job of making her look like hell... but consider this: if she died, then we would never have to hear her say "bay-bee" again, and Charlie wouldn't continue to be a total idiot and nearly be killed several times over because of her, and, well, that wouldn't be so bad, now would it?

But Claire survived to see another day thanks to Juliet (yeah, right). I thought *I* was a planner!?!? No, BENRY is a planner!!! He had thought to implant Claire with a device that could be triggered remotely months later to make her fall ill if need be? Color me impressed. We will cover if she ever would've gotten sick without the implant or the injections a bit later.


You look eerily like my island lady friend who got shot...For the past few episodes, I have had a sinking feeling that Hurley is going to lose it at any second. He had been careless in his quest to get the VW working (and didn't seem to care that he was putting in danger the one person predicted to die), extraordinarily suspicious of and irritated by Sawyer, overly concerned with the dynamics of the camp, and just seems to be on edge all-around. Now he's pulling out the bad-ass card with Juliet (not that it's not warranted):

Juliet: They send you over here to keep an eye on me?
[Hurley nods]
Juliet: OK.
Hurley: [Making a subtle threat] The last one of you guys that came over here? Ethan? He kidnapped Claire and...Charlie got upset. [Pointing down the beach] We buried him over there.

I think we need to keep an eye on our favorite comic-relief-provider...

On to the flashbacks.


I think there's a clue in there about Nike somehow.So many theories about the airport scene, where to begin?

I will begin with the fact that a lot of people don't think the airport was real at all. If you remember, Juliet and her sister didn't recall an airport even being in that area before. Some people thought that the planes outside of the window looked fake. Others thought that they never even took Juliet on a plane. And still others thought that they never actually took her anywhere on the submarine. It was pointed out that a trip from Miami to the South Pacific would take several hours - more than that cup of tranquilizer would keep Juliet down for. Yet when she awoke, she was at the island already. One probable theory is that no matter how Juliet actually got to the island, they probably kept pumping her with drugs to keep her asleep until she arrived.

Bottoms up!I personally think that she probably never did go on an airplane, and that the submarine was used for the entire trip. As Mikhail said (and the producers confirmed it was the truth), they brought people to the island via submarine, being guided in by an underwater sonar beacon. Miami is on the ocean, so...

Another big topic of conversation was: what meaning, if any, were we to apply to Herarat Aviation?

Here are the three leading theories:

1) Herarat is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Juliet: "Her a rat," as exposed at the end of this episode.

Leave me in peace!2) Herarat is an anagram for "Earhart," as in, Amelia Earhart, who, as it were, disappeared in a plane over the South Pacific.

3) It may be a reference to Mt. Ararat, believed to be the site of Noah's Ark's landing by some. This may be significant in the "repopulating of the planet" sense. Polar bears, check! Wild Boars, check!

OK, so back to #2 above. There is a sub-theory there. Are you ready for it? Huh, huh, are you?

Drumroll, please...

Absolutely Ridiculous Theory By People on Crack #1:

That Nancy Reaganish-looking lady from the book club scene at the beginning of the season IS Amelia Earhart.

OK, now... stick with me here. First let me say that I truly hope this is NOT the case. But unfortunately there IS evidence that it could be...

Go back to that book club scene at the beginning of this season. Guess what Nancy Reagan's character's name is listed as in the transcript (and remember that this is not something that most viewers would ever see or know, unless they had on closed-captioning or unless they are freaks like me and read the transcripts)?:

Just say no!Adam: It's not even literature. It's popcorn.
Amelia: And why isn't it literature Adam? I'm dying to know.
Adam: There's no metaphor. It's by the numbers religious hokum-pokum.
Amelia: No metaphor.
Adam: It's science fiction. Now I know why Ben isn't here.
Juliet: Excuse me?
Adam: I know the host picks the book, but seriously Julie, he wouldn't read this in the damn bathroom.

Oh Lord, help us all. Her name is Amelia.

And now consider that the real Amelia Earhart's whereabouts are still debated to this very day. In fact, an article came out on CNN.com just a mere few weeks ago about this very topic: Was Amelia Earhart a doomed castaway?

(by the way, forget what you think about this Lost-related theory... definitely read the article, it is fascinating even though it's long)

It has also been mentioned on the boards way before this Amelia Earhart business that the island is perhaps on one of the twelve "Vile Vortices" in the world. So now people are applying that to Amelia Earhart's flight and thinking that the island is where she actually crashed.

You may be thinking - "The crash in question was 70 years ago. Amelia would therefore have to be around 100." And to that, the proponents of this theory would say, "But we all know time moves differently on the island..." (more on that later, too).

I myself don't know what to think. At first I totally blew this theory off... but after seeing the name in the transcript... well, needless to say, I'm a little worried.


There are a lot of people on the message boards who really like Juliet, and who were totally duped by her and therefore shocked at the end of the episode. I am not one of those people - I don't like her at all and I will add that I think she and Jack have ZERO chemistry. But I will admit that the scene where she was shown the video of her sister was very heart-wrenching and therefore convinced me that she would put up with a hell of a lot from Benry to ensure her sister's well-being.

But the question of the day is - did her sister's well-being even need to be ensured?

When Juliet was not able to save Sabine (the woman they showed on the operating table), she had been on the island six months and it was alluded to that she had seen several pregnant women die already at that point. She wanted to give up, and she told Benry she wanted off the island. That is when he told her that Rachel's cancer was back, and that she could leave to go be with her sister in her "final days," or she could stay on the island and continue to work for a solution to The Others' problem in return for the almighty Jacob curing Rachel's cancer.

At that point in the show I was definitely hollering "Say whaaaaaaa?" really loudly. I mean, is Jacob supposed to be God? If Jacob knows how to cure cancer, why doesn't he CURE CANCER in the real world, become a trizillionaire (I just made up that term), and then use the money to find the remedy for the island's problem with pregnant women? Therefore, I was also yelling specifically at Juliet through the TV: "DEMAND TO TALK TO YOUR SISTER, FOOL!!! DEMAND IT!!!" I guess she didn't hear me. Or I guess she is easily tricked. All it took was Benry to throw a few charts at her and claim that they were Rachel's - "proving" the cancer was back - and Juliet crumbled like the proverbial cookie.

Now, I hesitate even bringing this up because I actually pray that this WAS just a production error (the prop people are NOT perfect, as has been proven in the past), but if you look closely at the files Ben gave Juliet... ummm, well... it says that Rachel is a MAN.

This island is SWINGIN', baby!It's a MAN, baby!

The file folder has Rachel's name on it, but the paper itself lists a male of 197 pounds.
Which leads us to the:

Absolutely Ridiculous Theory By People on Crack #2:

Rachel WAS a man, but had a sex change operation, which is why it is even more miraculous that Juliet was able to get him/her pregnant. Let us not forget that Juliet was first brought to Mittelos Bioscience's attention because she impregnated a MALE mouse!

Oh Lord Baby Jesus, PLEASE do not have this show go that way. I beg of you.

It doesn't stop there.

Absolutely Ridiculous Theory By People on Crack #3:

An off-shoot of this "she's a man" theory is that she is a Chimera. You know, a Chimera!!!

What's that, you say? You don't KNOW what a Chimera is?

I have pepper spray and I am not afraid to use it.OK, I will give you a hint. Dwight Schrute on 'The Office' is a Chimera:

"When my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. When they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had resorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this? No. I believe his tissue has made me stronger. I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby."

That's right, a Chimera is actually a real thing, and I know I'm not going to be able to do its definition justice, but in the case of where the condition applies to a whole person (as opposed to just an organ), it can be explained as "an individual consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution." There have actually been court cases related to this - you HAVE to check this out - this woman is a Chimera and they realized it when her own DNA did NOT match that of her three kids??! And get this, the condition was named after the mythical beast who was the... wait for it... sister of Cerberus (Smokey) and Hydra (hatch on Falcatraz).

My brain is going to explode! Make it stop!!!

So what do I think? Just like the "Amelia Earhart is living quite peacefully now on Craphole Island" theory, I can only cross my fingers that the "Rachel is/was a man or a Chimera" theories do not turn out to be true. Those are just waaay out there, even for me (which is saying a lot). But just like we all know Simon Cowell will be back on American Idol even if Sanjaya wins, we also know that I will not abandon this show even if both ridiculous theories turn out to be true.

This Chimera bullshit is NOT funny. One glimmer of hope is that you would THINK that if Rachel really was/is a man, that Bushy-Eyebrows-Long-Eyelashes Guy would've mentioned that as the main miracle when discussing Juliet's accomplishments and trying to justify why she wanted to work for Mittelos: "You took a woman, your own sister, whose reproductive system was ravaged by chemotherapy, who was...sterile, and you made her pregnant."

Notice he did not say "... and on top of that, she is actually a he!"

So for now, we will turn to three much more likely scenarios (which both assume that the sex and weight part of the file was just a prop error), any of which I think could actually end up being the case:

1) Rachel's cancer really did return, and somehow Jacob could cure it, or
2) Rachel's cancer really did return, and Ben was just bluffing that Jacob could cure it, and he lucked out with the fact that she went into remission later anyway, or
3) Rachel's cancer never returned in the first place.

I believe option #3, which was why I was yelling at the TV. As my brother summed up:
"I do not think "they" have the power to cure Juliet's sister's cancer, but more importantly, I don't think Juliet's sister actually got sick again. Ben knew Juliet wanted off the island and the way to convince her to stay was to tell her that her sister's cancer had come back and that he/they could cure her. Showing Juliet footage of her sister healthy years later doesn't mean she was cured of anything. It just means she's healthy. Now if Ben had shown Juliet footage of her sister dying when he was trying to convince her to stay, THAT would be different story. But he didn't. He showed her some charts. Some doctored charts he had made up to con Juliet. Because her sister was completely fine. He can cure her sister's cancer but not his own? Not buying it. The guy's a dirty liar and his pants are on fire."

Also, I want to take a moment here and address something I got wrong in a previous write-up. You may recall me absolutely freaking out over this hidden video linked from a supposed "email from Rachel" on the Mittelos Bioscience's web site. In my write-up, I stated that Rachel was fine and ended up having a girl. So imagine my confusion when Benry stated that Rachel had a healthy son named Julian. I went back and watched the video again, and it doesn't actually SAY anywhere that the kid's a girl, I just assumed it because of all of the long hair. But hey, just take one look at Kate Hudson's son Ryder, and you will see evidence of a girly-looking little boy! So, my bad. Everything still lines up with the hidden video.


The Others have slowly but surely been name-dropping "Jacob" to us throughout this season. In Season Two, we knew of a nameless "him," who The Others, including Benry himself, seemed in awe of.

Then in this season, we have seen/heard the name Jacob in the following instances:
- Pickett muttered that "Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list" as Jack began Benry's surgery.
- We saw a flash of "God loves you as he loved Jacob" in the Clockwork Orange Rave Room.
- Karl (Alex's boyfriend) repeated the statement above when they were in the rowboat back to the main island.
- Ben mentioned to Juliet that Jacob would take care of Rachel's cancer himself.

So the big question is... who is Jacob? Many people think that "Jacob" could just be a big hoax made up by Benry. Let us remember that there have been several parallels to "The Wizard of Oz" in this series (remember Benry originally claimed to be Henry Gale, who was Dorothy's uncle in the movie), and then let us consider than one of the remaining five episodes is entitled "The Man Behind the Curtain."

If I had to bet, I would bet that Jacob and Benry are one in the same. Benry is a smart guy, and I think he knew that if he created this all-powerful-but-never-seen "leader," he could more easily manipulate the rest of his people.

But for all I know, Jacob could be Vincent. I really actually have no idea. I can't decide if I HOPE that Benry and Jacob end up being the same person or not. In a way, it would be cool if Benry just totally tricked his own people for years. And I can't say I'm wishing for yet another character to be introduced at this point. I also don't think they could ever make Jacob as a stand-alone character live up to the high expectations they've built for him. So perhaps I do just hope it ends up being a "con" by Benry.

Patchy seemed to be about to say that Benry was NOT their leader in the scene below (which I guess proves nothing unless we knew that Patchy had actually seen Jacob):

Patchy: The man who brought me here...who brought all of my people here... he's a magnificent man.
Kate: [Sarcastically smiling] If Ben's so magnificent, then why did he need one of us to save him?
Patchy: Ben...Ben is not...I will try to make this as simple as I can. You are not on the list because you are flawed...[to Locke] because you are angry...[to Sayid] and weak...[to Danielle] and frightened.

It also seems like Juliet wouldn't have bought into Ben's quite huge promise of Jacob curing Rachel's cancer unless she had already met Jacob for herself.

And the conclusion still is: I have no idea what's going on with Jacob.

But I do have a screenshot of Ben's office for you, because it doesn't fit anywhere else in this write-up!


Do you believe EVERYTHING you see??? Oh, you do?Ben: Hello Richard, can you hear me? [to Juliet] Notice today's date. This is live. Okay Richard.

OK now... For all of you who think that just because Patchy showed "real world" footage from the day of the plane crash (September 22, 2004) and Ben said that it was "today's date," that that means that any sort of time warp/time loop/time manipulation theory has been debunked, I say "That is EXACTLY what they wanted you to think!"

Think about it - what does that prove? Nothing. It proves that in the normal world outside of the island, it is September 22, 2004. And that perhaps on the island, they are also calling that day September 22, 2004. And that is it.

Perhaps you may be thinking, "Well, Juliet knew that she was there about three years at that time, and so therefore she would know what the "real" date should be." Correct. But what if a "day" on the island - as in, the time that passes between sunrises - is not 24 hours? How would Juliet know that? The Others could just go along with the normal world's calendar because the island also technically has days and nights, but perhaps once someone is on the island, his or her body becomes adjusted to "island time" and they therefore do not realize that the time between sunrises is actually only 7 hours... or maybe 7 days... when compared to that of the normal world. I don't know if I think time is moving more quickly or slowly on the island, but I definitely still think that something is going on with time (there have just been TOO MANY references to it) and I think that their video connection to the outside world doesn't prove anything to the contrary.

As if to remind us of that, consider Bushy-Eyebrows-Long-Eyelashes Guy's passing comment to Juliet, as she was lamenting being away from her sister for six months:
Richard Alpert: I know that, uh, 6 months sounds like an eternity, but you're going to be amazed at how time flies once you're there.

HELLO, PEOPLE!!!! That is a hint!

And if the way time passes on the island is the same way it passes in the real world, then that still doesn't mean that 1) they haven't found a way to time travel like Desmond did, or 2) that there isn't a time loop going on overall.

I hope you all realize that until the SERIES finale's final credits roll, I will not be giving up on my "Something is Going on with Time, Dammit!" theory.


What else did we learn from the scene in the Flame Hatch with the video monitors?

- Flight 815 made headlines with its disappearance, and there was a search underway for the plane.

- Patchy saw the plane crash on his own and had already begun his "assignment" of researching the background of the passengers

- On that note about Patchy, until this point, we weren't actually SURE that he even knew about the plane crash, since he definitely was living in isolation by and large. But now we know that he knew all about it, and therefore he knew exactly who was approaching the hatch in this scene:

Sayid: [Lying on the ground in great pain] I'm not...I'm not who you th...who you think I am! My name is Sayid Jarrah! I was on a plane that crashed here months ago!
Patchy: A plane?
Sayid: I'm unarmed, I swear!
Patchy: Stay right there!
Locke: Drop the rifle! Drop it right now!
Locke: Back up. Back up!
Kate: Are you all right?
Patchy: You really did crash here?
Sayid: Over 40 of us, yes!

And we also know why he knew the full names of everyone (when he spooked everyone out by calling them their names right before he was pushed into the Forcefield of Doom) - because he himself looked them up.

I will order this tree to attack you if you don't back off.However, what this scene didn't explain is how The Others could have known, as Juliet mentioned in her threatening speech to Sayid and Sawyer when they tried to stop her from going back to the camp with the medicine for Claire, that Sawyer killed a man the night before the plane crash. No one was around, it wasn't on the news, and that's not why he was being deported (he had gotten into a bar fight with an Australian politician). So how could they have known that? I believe that almost everything else they've found out about the Lostaways could actually be discovered via intense research (and remember, they pretty much had two months before they started interacting with the Lostaways). But that little morsel definitely threw me (and it definitely threw Sawyer, as you could tell from his reaction).

- One thing that has long been debated about the show is whether or not the people on Flight 815 were on that specific flight for a reason, or if it was just random. All of the connections they had back in the real world could be chalked up to coincidences, or could be hints that they were all connected in a larger way that still remains unknown. People have often wondered if the Lostaways were somehow "chosen" by DHARMA, or whomever is really in control of the island, and were manipulated to be on that exact flight. I personally have always thought that it was just bad luck that they were all on that flight. And from the scene in the Flame Hatch (as well as from the instruction Benry gave Ethan and Goodwin about infiltrating the camps), it didn't appear that Benry had previous knowledge about the people on the plane. But then again, his comments marked in italics below could be interpreted literally, or they could be looked at as "knowing" comments:

It's not the Sox winning the World Series, but still.Juliet: [Crying] Oh. Oh my God.
Ben: [To the uplink] Okay thank you, Richard. You'll wanna get back here as soon as you can. We may have some new visitors.
Juliet: [Crying] Oh God! No! No! No!
Ben: I'm not a liar, Juliet.
Juliet: [Crying] I want to go home.
Ben: That's not our agreement. You need to stay here until your work is finished.
Juliet: [Crying] It's impossible. The mothers keep dying.
Ben: Then we'll find more mothers. Who knows...maybe there's even one on that plane.


I just realized that Goodwin is nas-tay!We learned the reason why Juliet was brought to the island, and it was because all of the women who get pregnant on the island ended up dying during their pregnancy. I'm assuming that Ben wants to keep his Utopian society of Othersville going, so he has a strong motivation to figure out what is wrong.

However, Juliet tells Jack that they performed tests on Claire's blood, and that she, too, was going to come down with this illness and die if she hadn't been injected with Juliet's miracle serum via Ethan:

Juliet: For some reason, the women here can't have babies. The mother's body turns on the pregnancy, treats it as a foreign invader. I saw it happen over and over. Every pregnant woman on this island died. That is, every pregnant woman until Claire.
Jack: What did you do to her?
Juliet: One of our people infiltrated your camp and began taking blood samples, right after your plane crashed.
Kate:[Realizing] Ethan.
Juliet:Even though Claire didn't conceive on this island, we found that her symptoms were consistent with the previous mothers, so we tried to save her life.
Jack: By kidnapping her.
Juliet: No, that wasn't supposed to happen. She was our control case. I had developed a serum that I thought would reverse what was happening to her. Ethan was administering the injections... but, then you found out that he wasn't on the plane. So, he improvised. He kidnapped her on his own. That was never the plan... Look, I know how this sounds, but without those injections, Claire would have died. Without the serum she's going into a form of withdrawal and if I don't treat her quickly, her immune system could shut down entirely. Jack, I can fix this. I just need the serum. Ethan kept a stash of the medical supplies near the caves where you used to live. If I go right now, I can be back before it's too late.

So the big questions are:
- Is she lying about the whole thing? Was Claire really showing the symptoms during her pregnancy, or would she have been fine without any of the injections? Because it does appear that Juliet was lying about Ethan's actions... above she says that he was never supposed to have kidnapped Claire, but below we have a scene from Claire's flashback "Maternity Leave," that suggests they were always going to take Claire:

Zeke: What the hell happened? You were supposed to make the list and then bring her in. Was I unclear?
Ethan: It's not my fault. They knew I wasn't on the plane. They had a manifest.
Zeke: What am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's going to do when he finds out. Damn it, Ethan.

- Were the injections that Claire was given the same stuff that Desmond was shooting into himself in the hatch which he later told Charlie "did nothing"? It would actually make sense if they did nothing to Desmond if they were meant for pregnant women...

- When Rousseau mentioned "the sickness" in previous seasons, did those people she saw get sick actually just have a similar implant in them like Claire did?

- Is there a chance they put a similar implant in Sawyer when they performed his Faux Pacemaker o' Doom surgery?

See the podcast debrief section below to see when we'll learn more about the pregnancy issue on the island.

I will say that I feel like there must be other things on the island that Juliet has seen that have caused her to become so entrenched with Benry and The Others. Because I highly doubt Bushy-Eyebrows-Long-Eyelashes Guy was referencing the pregnancy problem when he made the following remark to Juliet before she left Miami: "You'll see things there that you never imagined."


Everyone was freaking out on the boards because Juliet did not mention Rousseau at all in her discussion of what has happened to pregnant women on the island. Rousseau was in the same situation as Claire - her baby was conceived off of the island, but born on the island. And we all know that she is still alive and kicking. Let's take a walk down memory lane to the season finale of Season One, which started out with this chilling speech by Rousseau:

"The Others are coming. Our ship went aground on this island 16 years ago. There were 6 of us... my team, 6. At that time I was already 7 months pregnant. I delivered the infant myself. The baby and I were together for only 1 week when I saw black smoke... a pillar of black smoke 5 kilometers inland. That night they came they came and took her... Alex. They took my baby. And now, they're coming again. They're coming for all of you."

This has lead to two theories:

1) Juliet doesn't know about Rousseau, and Benry doesn't want to tell her because he raised Alex as his own. There is a possibility that NONE of The Others actually know the real story about Alex.

2) Rousseau struck some sort of deal with The Others, or was one of them, and made up her entire back-story that she told the Lostaways. Her baby was born way before Juliet arrived, so perhaps if the baby is conceived off of the island, the mother would be safe. That would explain why Rousseau survived, and would also mean that Claire would've been fine without The Others interfering... which means they wanted her for other reasons than to save her. That's what I believe.

AREA 51?

When Juliet went to get the hidden medical supplies, she followed a marking carved into a tree. Some people thought this was the same mark that's on her back. If that is the case, then "the brand" is probably not a bad thing to have, because why would it be used as a signal elsewhere on the island?

I think I see the Virgin Mary in her scar?!?

I, however, do NOT think it's the same mark, I think it's just similar. Juliet's brand has straight lines that all intersect closer to the bottom of the main vertical line, like an asterisk. The tree marking has curved lines that do not intersect.

Trust No One (least of all Juliet)

You can read
the various meanings of the tree symbol here. The best is that the mark is used in Ummoism - this freaky series of supposed UFO communications made on Earth. Is that awesome or what? I would highly support aliens on the show. I want a Mulder - Locke showdown!


Ben: Let's go over it again.
Juliet: I know what to do.
Ben: Let's go over it again, just to be sure.
Juliet: I drag Austen out into the jungle, handcuff myself to her, then tell her I was gassed, just like she was.
Ben: If she catches you in the lie?
Juliet: I'll admit to it, tell her it was the only way to earn her trust.
Ben: Good. What then?
Juliet: They'll take me back to the beach.
Juliet: I know you want me to go there, but after everything we've done to them... it's going to be a problem.
Ben: We've activated the implant in Claire. She should be symptomatic within the next 48 hours. By the time you get to that camp, you'll have a nice big crisis to solve.
Juliet: I'll need supplies.
Ben: Pryce is already on his way. He'll hide the case at Ethan's old drop point. Tell Jack that you can save her. He trust's you.
Ben: Are you alright?
Juliet: I'm fine.
Ben: See you in a week.

Seriously, why didn't he just say, "See you in the finale!"

Pure Eeevil.Now knowing that it was part of The Others' master plan to leave Juliet behind, I feel that she was a tad careless in her statement to Jack below. She specifically left out being gassed (and we now know she never was gassed, despite what she told Kate about "making tea when the canister came through the window").

Jack: They'll come around, just give them some time.
Juliet: My people kept Sayid chained to a swing set for 3 days. Then I dragged Kate to the jungle, handcuffed myself to her and lied about it.

Also, regarding the "was Juliet shown at the beginning of the last episode with the gas mask peeps?" controversy covered in last week's write-up... I don't think we'll ever know for sure. Yes, we know that she was given a mask and has blond hair and had on a blue shirt like the woman Kate saw through the window, but I think that would've been very careless for her to have been walking around with The Others right before trying to convince Kate that she, too, was left behind.

So what is going on? What is Benry trying to learn about the Lostaways that he doesn't already know? And what is Juliet going to get out of this?

I may be wrong on this, but from what I can remember, there is no way that any of The Others should know that Sun is pregnant, as she herself found out while on the island. Therefore, Benry could not have been sending Juliet back with the Lostaways for the sole purpose of kidnapping Sun (although if they find out she's pregnant, I think that is just what they'll try to do). So there must be something else. The only thing I can think of is that they are going to try to get baby Aaron once again?

Why would Juliet go along with this? I think this leads back to my man Locke. I still don't think he blew up the submarine. And I think Benry knows it. So I think that Benry has promised Juliet once again that she can leave the island if she does this one last favor.


Despite my rugged appearance, my brain is quite soft.An aspiring Toastmaster, Ms. MG, is convinced that Jack knows that he's being played by Juliet, but is going along with it because he has "a plan." Because, as she said, "He can't be THAT stupid."

Oh my dear friend, you give the Mad Doctor too much credit.

Personally, I would love to see Jack surprise us all and have something up his sleeve to spring on everyone when Juliet's traitorishness is finally made public. He definitely needs to be redeemed, because ever since the awesome season opener, he has gone steadily downhill in most fans' eyes. Unfortunately, he seems to have a history of getting involved with women that just do him no good.


Here are my notes from this week's ABC.com podcast with the producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - I tried to get as many direct quotes as possible, so this section will be transcript-like:

It started off with an interview with the actor (M.C. Gainey) who plays Zeke!!! I must say, he seems like a very cool guy in "real life."

He (M.C.) knew Carlton Cuse from a previous show - a Western called 'Brisco County (the Adventures of)' that he played a character on and Carlton was the producer for. He went to Hawaii without a script and no idea who the character Zeke was. "And here I am three years later, with still no idea."

"During the off-season after I kidnapped Walt it was really awful... people were coming up to me going, "What are you going to do with that little boy?""

"I didn't even realize I had a fake beard until I got the script saying that the women found my beard and theater glue in the medical hatch. I thought I was actually a guy running around in the jungle barefooted with a beard."

"I got to Hollywood in 1977 from the regional theater. I used to do all of the usual plays. I get to Hollywood and they looked at me and said, "Give him a gun." I've always played a bad guy. The strangest role I've ever played hands-down was the naked man who ran down the streets in Sideways. THAT WAS STRANGE."

[e: NO WAY! That was ZEKE?!?!]

He said that besides Lost, "Con Air" is the work he's most recognized for:

"'Con Air' is apparently a movie that has been seen by every adult male and female in our society in the last two generations."

"After the campfire scene where I said, "Stay on your side and you'll be OK," I've been seen as more of a benevolent character. I really haven't done that much to people. I'm conversational with people - I haven't been hitting them while they're in the cage."

"If you take the attitude that you don't want your character to be killed, then your character will most definitely be killed. And hell, on this show, if you get killed, you're still going to come back 10 more times anyway, so what's it matter?"

They asked him what M.C. stands for...

"It stands for Mike Connor. When I joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1977, Mike Connors was still around, so they wouldn't let me use my real name, so I picked M.C.. Little did I know that that would become one of the most popular cultural initials in your generation (not my generation)!"

After the talk with M.C., they moved on to a conversation with the producers, who had just finished writing the finale episode. They wrote the finale in 8 days and finished this past Sunday night. Now they have to shoot it, which is essentially like shooting a movie (in 6 weeks).

Q. What's going on with Sayid and Sawyer distrusting Jack's opinion?
A. Well, now we've seen that they agreed with the rest of America, and that they were right.

Q. Do you think that Ben actually cured Rachel?
A. I'm not so sure that she got sick again in the first place. I mean, he hands her a folder and it's like 'this is conclusive proof that she has cancer again.' Like the guy doesn't have a copy machine and white-out? But I will say this... every time we have thought Ben was lying, he has turned out to be telling the truth. I would be hard-pressed to think of a time when he actually lied... except when he told them that he wasn't an Other and his name was Henry Gale and that he was from Minnesota. But you know, that was a WHITE LIE.

Q. When are we going to get back to the whole "pregnant women dying on the island" thing?
A. The week after next (episode 18 - D.O.C.)

Q. I don't understand the purpose of the filler episode, "Exposé." What did that have to do with anything?
A. Exposé has probably, more than any other episode we've ever done, definitely had the biggest fan reaction of any show. We had an idea to introduce Paulo and Nikki, we wanted to show what the background people were up to. We introduced them and there was a violent fan reaction. So we decided to show what we HAD planned out for them, but all in one episode.
It is unrealistic to expect that a show that is 72 episodes in is going to have every single episode and scene be advancing the plot forward significantly.

Nikki and Paulo ARE dead. They will not be back until Season 7 - the Zombie Season.

Q. Was there something in the pilot episode that was a major clue that we all missed that isn't obvious at this point?
A. This is a false rumor that's going around. There is nothing "hidden" in the pilot.

Q. Why couldn't Smokey go over the fence like the humans did?
A. Smoke monsters can't jump. That's the bottom line. The sonic barrier is something the DHARMA Initiative determined would stop it.

Q. Can you confirm or deny that the Lost video game is coming out this year?
A. CONFIRM! For XBox 360 and PS3 and it's PC-compatible, too.

They also stated that, while they know we've been "teased" about this in the past, "
Something significant is going to happen in 'Catch-22.' You will not be disappointed."


Charlie: Hey, whoa! That's too much water. It's going to be all soggy.
Hurley: It's oatmeal, dude. It's supposed to be soggy.
[Sawyer walks up]
Sawyer: Well, if it ain't 3 men and a baby.
[Charlie and Sawyer look up, confused since it's only the two of them]
Sawyer: I counted Hugo twice.

[Cut to shot of Juliet sitting on the beach alone, close to the water's edge. Hurley walks up and sits beside her]
Hurley : Hey.
Juliet: Hey.
Hurley: Sooo. You're like...one of Them, huh?
Juliet: I'm Juliet.
[Hurley has a scowl on his face and is not happy]
Hurley: I don't remember you from the dock. Where you put bags on our heads. After you shocked us.
Juliet: I had the day off.
[Juliet's joke doesn't go over very well]

Jack: Look, the fact that I trust her should be enough.
Sayid: It's not.

Sawyer: They were gonna let you go?
Jack: Yeah.
Sawyer: Said who?
Jack: Ben.
Sawyer: Ben... whose life you saved.
Kate: Sawyer, lay off.
Sawyer: Should've let that bug-eyed bastard die.

Sayid: Step back.
Juliet: It's full of medical supplies. They're for Claire. Jack knows all about it.
Sawyer: Jack ain't here right now, is he?
Juliet: I'm telling you the truth.
Sayid: You said earlier if you told me everything you knew, I'd kill you. I'm going to test the validity of that statement.

Ben: [Speaking into a walkie-talkie] Mikhail, we're here.
Ben: [Grumbling to Juliet] He never has his walkie on.

Ben: Mikhail! It's Ben! I'm here with Juliet! We're approaching the house! Don't SHOOT us...


- Favorite episode in ages.
What is the opposite of Jumping the Shark? Whatever the opposite of Jumping the Shark is, this show just did it.
- Under Jack's protection? Um, Hello Jack, have you met Sayid???
- The fact that Ethan obviously put some kind of implant in Claire early on IS one indication though that Ben likes to contingency plan.
- Poor Jack - the guy has the worst judgment ever. He should probably just start doing the opposite of whatever his instincts say with regard to trusting people.
- The implication made in this ep is interesting: if none of the Losties were pregnant, the Others probably wouldn't have bothered with them.
- Juliet is the new Snape.
- I desperately wanted Sayid to shoot Jack after that "she's under my protection" bullshit.
- I will never understand why on earth they listen to Jack. He is almost always wrong or messing up. Other than surgery, he has to be one of the most consistently incompetent people on this show. And with Charlie being there, that's saying a lot.
- Alex's birth predates Juliet's research by about 13 years. So I think it just might be island conception that's fatal. Which raises the 'Who's the Daddy' stakes for Sun to a whole new level.
- Favorite scene was the Council of Jack's Stupidity. When Claire walked up and interrupted all the smack down tension all I could think was, "Go away Claire - bleed on your own time - Sayid and Sawyer are about the take Jack down a notch!"
Jack explains to Kate that he has nothing to talk about. In the prospect of ‘going home,' he just kept his head down and did what he was told and never asked any questions. This provides a great deal of insight into the rest of this episode. If Jack is able to allow himself to just ignore what has been done to him, his friends and the rest of Flight 815 in order to buy a ticket off the island after being there for 80 days, imagine the entire realm of possibilities that exist for someone who has been there for three years.


4/18 - Catch-22. Note that this preview shows scenes from the next FOUR episodes, from what I can tell.
4/25 - D.O.C.
5/2 - The Brig
5/9 - The Man Behind the Curtain
5/16 - Greatest Hits (previously called 'The Truth About Lying')
5/23 - Through the Looking Glass (newly named!) - TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE and special episode afterward

While I am now seriously trying to avoid spoilers because it definitely lessens my enjoyment of the show when I know certain things beforehand, I unintentionally keep seeing a little bit of what is to come when I check on the episode titles. This time, when I saw that the season finale had been named, I also saw that they had changed the background-story/flashbacks for some of the final episodes, as well.

I think from this point forward, I'm going to STOP looking up the episode titles, and just assume the ones above are final since I don't want to ruin anything more for myself. One thing I will say is that no matter what the episodes are called and no matter whose flashbacks they're going to cover in the remaining five episodes, I think it's fair to say that we're in for a wild, intense ride!

- e


Anonymous said...

do you think there's any way that the others impregnated sun? i know it's crazy, but we do know that juliet can impregnate via injection (as she did with the mouse and with her sister), so maybe they just needed a non-other/islander to experiment with. perhaps that was part of the "research" they were doing with claire? they chose sun to impregnate b/c she was married so it wouldn't seem wack if she got pregs. sun (and the viewers) would just think it was affair-guy that got her pregnant and jin would think it was a miracle, but maybe it was someone else!? jacob's love child!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Wow, that is a great point. The whole "Sun's baby-daddy" drama could be a red herring entirely. The only thing is, it seems like Sun would have some memory of it they took her or injected her at any point. But nothing is impossible in this show...

Anonymous said...

That might be your longest post ever. Do you sleep?

Uncle Grambo said...

As always, a wonderful recap full of juicy stuff I would've NEVER patched together myself. Great work, E.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff :-). Didn't see Wed's episode yet ... watching on abc.com this wknd.

ayama said...

great recap as always.

now, i know this doesn't have much to do with this episode. but i was just watching a few of season's one episodes and on "the greater good" in the end sayid says to locke (about saving him from shannon's shot): "i did it because i sensed you might be our best hope of surviving here, but i dont forget what you did, and i certainly dont trust you."

if the producers really knew about where they were going with the characters... they might be setting a few clues here.

i think this is a great episode to illustrate sawyer's behaviour as well, i dont get the people saying his out of his character now. as usual, in tv shows, the characters change from the 1st season on. but anyway, here we have a grumpy sawyer, yes... but he is reading to keep the baby quiet. i dont think thats too removed from where sawyer is now.

oh well. watching the 1st season got me all nostalgic,

i dont like these others. i do think they are necessary, but somehow, their stories dont move as much as our losties stories.

ayama said...

also, on the following episode, kate's "born to run", walt tells locke "not to open it" (the hatch)...

i usually dont get upset with inconstancies that i see on lost, but somehow, this one, i just cant swallow. why walt didnt want locke to open it? i dont get it... have they come up with an explanation that ive missed??

Anonymous said...

There is a character on Lost named Richard Alpert.



Anonymous said...

Hey E
I'm from Greece and I've been watching your posts for a long time now. I think you are great on commenting the show. The show in Greece has a few days delay from the day that it's aired in USA, so most of the time I usually read your posts first and then watch the new episode. What can I say, I am not a strong character, I can't hold my patience!
A small comment on the word "Herarat". I thought that Noa after the flood created a new society. He kind of started a new human race, only with the people that deserved to be saved. The "good people". The myth of the flood is very common in the mythology of many people. In Ancient Greek Mythology the same story is named "The flood of Deucalion". So, can that meen that the others want to start a new society? Watching the show made me wonder many times if it is any relevant with Plato and his ideal society. (I'm a philologist you see!)
Kisses and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hi there poster from Greece...quick question for you--I'm going to be in Greece when the season finale is shown in the US; how much of a delay is there between showings in the US and those in Greece? I can't miss the big 2 hour finale!! Thanks!

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hello everyone -

To Jake - What is this thing you speak of, "sleep?"

To Maya - There is one major reason I can think of to explain why Walt wouldn't want Locke to open the hatch (but you're right, they have never specifically addressed this): The opening of the hatch led to a series of events, not all of which we as viewers even know about yet, which are going to turn out to be bad for everyone. We already know that the Losties were being watched while in the hatch, we know that Locke's subsequent destruction of the hatch led Desmond to turn the fail-safe key, which had never been done before, and that that cut off The Others' communication with the outside world, as well as their ability to get back to the island if they leave. We are finding out the other repurcussions of this event even still.

To Greek poster - Yes, it is very possible that the Noah's Ark subtle reference was meant to allude to The Others wanting to start a new population. Also, be sure to write back and let us know how far behind the show airs in Greece as compared to the US!

Thank you to everyone for your comments, they make my day.

Anonymous said...

"good but I ain't *that* good" ... what is that a reference to? it's been driving me crazy all week...

Erika (aka "e") said...

Brett - That saying wasn't actually a reference to anything... if you're recognizing it from a movie or something, it must be something I haven't seen. To me, it's just a common phrase... I googled it to be sure and there's nothing solid coming up. I was just trying to say that Google itself is pretty amazing, but not good enough to be able to pull up the fact that Sawyer shot a man the night before the flight when he was completely alone. It seems like all Patchy had was the Internet to go from or something. Anyway, if YOU find out what you're thinking of with that phrase, let ME know! Sorry for driving you crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hello again!
The show in Greece is aired with a week delay. It is on a cable channel and cable TV is not very popular here. So be well prepepared and remember to ask your hotel or your friend if they have access to FILMNET channel.
Kisses from Grrece