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S3Ep10 - Tricia Tanaka is Dead (Hurley's fourth flashback)

The return of the Fab Five! Hello my dear friends -

As I expected, Hurley's latest flashback was fairly light-hearted, but it was appreciated by fans who, like me, were sick of all of the Jack and/or Sawyer beat-downs which have encompassed the vast majority of the season thus far. However, not everyone was pleased - I would say that this episode garnered a "loved it or hated it" response on the message boards. Half of the people posting seemed to be extremely upset that the ABC Promo Monkeys had deceived us once again by stating that we wouldn't want to miss "what everyone will be talking about in the morning" (and then not delivering anything shocking). The other half of the people on the boards had learned to NEVER trust the previews, and felt that this episode hearkened back to the good ol' days of Season One, when everything wasn't quite as complicated and we had never met The Others. Another way to put the split feelings on the boards is that I think the fair-weather fans are being weeded out, and those truly dedicated to go along for the full ride (as in, those who realize that the show is going to be drawn out over a few more seasons and who are therefore not expecting or demanding major answers every week) are glad to see the complainers turning elsewhere for entertainment. I say, "Good riddance!"


I had known it was going to be a Hurley flashback, and was gearing myself up for an onslaught of "duuuude"s. Quite honestly, in the brief amount of time that he has been on the show this season, Hurley had really been getting on my nerves. I was beginning to feel like the writers were turning him into a caricature of himself. However, he was redeemed in this episode - I truly was believing his bitterness toward his father and appreciated the fact that they didn't resort to having him trying to get along with the guy just because "Hurley doesn't like to rock the boat and wants everyone to be happy."

Like Smokey said, aint nothin sadder than the tears of a clown... when there's no one around.And the scene at the beginning?!?! His sad speech about feeling alone... I had no idea it would turn out that he was talking to Dead Libby. That was probably the best scene of the night. Well done.

I realized after this episode that Hurley may actually be the most conflicted character on the show. He is almost always putting on the happy face for the rest of the Lostaways, but between his paranoia about being called "crazy," his trouble with his weight, his special relationship with the imaginary "Dave," his guilt over the Lottery/numbers curse and his pain at Libby's death, I think he wins for having "the most going on in his head." Pretty much everyone else on the island acts out how they feel except for Hurley, and perhaps Sun. What I'm trying to say is, this episode made me feel for him and made me like him once again.


How many of you didn't know that was supposed to be a younger Hurley until he was called "Hugo"? My husband wondered aloud, "Is that supposed to be Sayid?" I was surprised that a few people on the message boards thought this kid was well-cast!?!

Ummm, I don't see it.

Stylin and profilin!And then of course you had Cheech as Hurley's dad - who we find out is "to blame" for Hurley's problem with over-eating, but who also had enough of an effect on Hurley so as to make Hurley test out his "you make your own luck" theory with the daring VW ride.

Other things to note from the flashbacks:

Cheech's motorcycle had the Y and the last A rubbed out of YAMAHA, leaving just AMAH. I personally think they only did that so as to not get in legal trouble with The Man, but there is a story about Amah Rock (briefly summarized in the page linked to in the previous sentence) that could be a vague connection to the show.

And so... it begins.Everyone was of course wondering if the candy bar young Hurley was eating was an Apollo Bar. It was not - it was a Glacier Bar.

Someone on the boards made this observation about Cheech's final words to Hurley:
"I noticed Hurley's dad said he'd be waiting for him when he got back from Australia. Ana-Lucia's mother told her she'd be waiting at the airport for her return, as well. I wonder if they (and any other off-island loved ones) end up figuring into the plot somewhere down the line, like Penelope Widmore...".

I had also been curious about this in the past, as there was once speculation that there was going to be an episode filmed from the perspective of the "Lostaways' loved ones learning about the plane crash." I haven't heard any rumblings about that idea for over a year now, so it probably will not happen. They could've just put lines like that in there to remind us all that all of these people did have lives back in the real world, as well as people that they left behind. Or... to make us notice the contrast between people who, like Hurley, DID have families to go back to, and the majority of other people (Locke, Kate, Sawyer, Jack, etc...) who did NOT. As I have brought up many times before, there are several people who really have no reason to not be content with staying on the island indefinitely.


...doesn't mean it didn't happen.

A major complaint of fans throughout the series has been that "characters don't share obvious information." People were confused and annoyed that when Kate and Sawyer returned to the beach, they didn't have a sit-down with everyone and explain what had happened on Falcatraz (not to mention the fact that no one asked questions, especially with Jack missing).

However, this has never bothered me, because quite frankly, I don't want to see all of the characters rehashing everything we already know to each other. I think that there were a few things specifically inserted into this episode for the very purpose of making viewers rest assured that the characters ARE sharing information (because, you know, this is all real), we're just not seeing it played out on-screen.

Example 1 is in Hurley's speech to Dead Libby:

HURLEY: So then, the others take the bags off our heads and we're, like, on the other side of the island. And...they take Jack, Kate and Sawyer someplace and they...send me back to warn everybody to stay away. Which I did...and...now everyone's freaked out. With them gone, and what happened to Eko...they're all scared. And I'm scared."

He states that he did tell everyone about the kidnapping, the Others' warning, and he also alludes to the fact that everyone now knows that Eko died. None of which we as viewers actually saw transpire.

The next, and perhaps more important example, is the fact that we never HEARD Kate and Sawyer tell anyone about being held in the cages, yet John asked about it later, so they must have all discussed it:

Sayid: Did The Others tell you why I am never on this show anymore?SAYID: Hurley told us they released Michael and Walt.
KATE: Yep. They gave Michael a boat. He took off and never looked back.
SAYID: Did you see any other boats?
KATE: No, but something tells me they didn't give away their only one.
LOCKE: So they can leave the island?
KATE: I don't know, John.
SAYID: This zoo where they held you. Is that where they live?
KATE: We escaped with one of them. A kid named Karl. He said that they live on this island. He could have taken us there, but Sawyer let him go.
KATE: You're going to have to ask Sawyer.

Yes, I do admit that at times it seems ridiculous that they don't show the characters sharing more information. But it is also ridiculous that they all survived the plane crash... so, like I said, I've gotten over it.


DHARMA darts!I thought perhaps the dart Sawyer stepped on was the same kind of poisonous dart that he, Kate and Jack were shot with at the end of Season Two. However, the consensus on the boards is that it is merely a dart from the Swan Hatch's dartboard (now blown up and shown in ruins in Desmond's episode).


Surely this can't just be a bunch of crap?Another quick scene which I think must have some significance is when all of the "recycled paper" was shown in the VW. They even made sure to have Sawyer notice it...

SAWYER: What the hell's up with all this recycling?
HURLEY: You got me, dude.

While most people focused in on the map that Sawyer found, I think the scraps of crumpled paper will come into play or tie in later somehow as well.


Seriously, this map sucks.Speaking of the map that Sawyer found, there doesn't seem to be a lot to it. Roger the Skeleton had the Swan logo on his work coat, so we can assume that if the map actually is of a road, that it was a road between The Swan and someplace else - perhaps another hatch? You can see a small Dharma logo to the right of the map, but other than that, it's not really that informative.


He even had his seat beat on! I smell foul play.Now on to Roger himself... who was he? Was he really a generic "Work Man," or was that somehow part of his name? Some people thought that since the title of "Work Man" was SO obviously "worker bee"-ish that there was the possibility that Roger was a clone... that DHARMA had perhaps cloned a workforce of people (Attack of the Clones!).

The most important questions are: Was he really making a beer run that somehow cost him his life? And, why did DHARMA go through all the trouble to also make light beer?


Moving on to the main theme of the episode... can you make your own luck? Is Hurley really cursed or is he willing himself to be cursed? Was HE ever really cursed, or was it "the numbers"? Although the tone of this episode was light, it still stuck with the "free will vs. fate" uber-theme of the series.

We start out by actually seeing something that Hurley had referred to a year ago... You may have forgotten this exchange between Jack and Hurley at the beginning of Season Two:

HURLEY: You'll think I'm crazy.

JACK: Try me.

HURLEY: Awhile ago I was in this kind of psych ward, and there was this guy, Leonard -- and all the time I knew him all he ever said were these numbers -- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 -- over and over and over again. And they kind of got stuck in my head. So, when I got out -- well, actually a couple of months after I got out -- I was buying a frozen burrito and I thought, hey, I should play the lottery. And I guess those numbers were still stuck in my head so I played them. And I won 114 million dollars. That's when it started happening -- my grandpa died, my house caught on fire, the chicken joint that I worked at got hit by a meteor -- well, actually meteorite. Okay, so tonight I see the same freaking numbers on the hatch thing -- just written on the side -- and that's why I tried to stop it -- because that thing is cursed, man.

JACK: You were in a psych ward?

HURLEY: I'm not crazy.

I thought humans were supposed to be made into cartoons and not vice versa?So we got to actually see the meteorite hit Mr. Cluck's. By the way, those noticing the similarity between Tricia Tanaka and Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa on The Family Guy were not alone - most people were convinced it was a "shout-out."

We know the rest of the story... Hurley goes to Australia to learn about the numbers and how the previous guy who used them ended up killing himself because he, too, felt cursed. We know Hurley blamed himself for the plane crash overall, and that while he himself has incredible luck, the people around him often suffer untimely demises. I guess it took three months on Craphole Island for Hurley to get frustrated enough to actually test out the curse on another live human being. Who better to possibly sacrifice than his best friend, Darth Hoodie? Once Hurley learned that Charlie's death had indeed been predicted by Desmond, he became intent on proving Desmond wrong and foiling the curse at the same time.

Since Hurley and Charlie were successful in starting the van and thereby dodging the Boulders of Doom, many people on the boards wondered if this episode was supposed to serve as a conclusion to the obsession over the numbers. They argue that perhaps the final scenes were supposed to prove that Papa Cheech (and more subtly, the argument for free will) was right - that you can control your destiny and that you can make your own luck. The lucky rabbit's foot on the keychain dangling from the arm Vincent was chomping on (see pic later in the post)? Not too subtle.

I interpreted Hurley and Charlie's triumphant ride a little differently. I don't necessarily think it proves anything about Hurley's curse, or concludes that Charlie is still not doomed to die sometime soon. What it made me think was... "Did that van start solely because Hurley wanted it to so badly?" Many, many write-ups ago I mentioned the power of characters' minds on the show. Remember when Charlie was "dead" for several seconds after Ethan hung him from the tree, and Jack kept pounding and pounding on him, and many believed that Jack willed Charlie back to life? I'm not going to re-state all the other examples I've brought up in the past, but I do think there's something to the fact that Hurley was chanting "There is no curse, I can make my own luck!" as they were barreling down the mountain...

One last funny thought about the curse from the boards:

"And I'm sorry, but if a meteor hit a major American city, I think any normal parents would be taking the curse thing a bit more seriously. They wouldn't be all "You make your own luck"... They'd be "Holy F! A meteor! Pray to Jesus!""


While we're revisiting the meteorite... thoughtful fans pointed out that what viewers had previously established as "Hurley's timeline" doesn't seem to be jiving anymore. Remember that right before Hurley won the Lotto, he worked at Mr. Cluck's. He was fired by his boss, Randy, for eating on the job, and his friend (who apparently ended up running off with Starla from the music store) had quit in support. We had all previously thought the meteorite hit that same Mr. Cluck's and destroyed it, and that Hurley ended up taking pity on Randy and getting him a job at the "box manufacturer in Tulsa" that he bought after winning the Lottery. And that's how Randy ended up as Locke's boss.

What we saw in this episode was that they were having a "grand REopening" of Mr. Cluck's, so it was most likely the same store Hurley worked at previously, and Randy (without a beard) was still going to be the manager. Once the restaurant was destroyed, Hurley left shortly thereafter for Australia. But... Randy (with a beard) was Locke's boss right before HE went to Australia as well (for the walk-about), which was obviously around the same time Hurley was leaving. And finally, in Locke's first flashback, Randy definitely acted like he had known Locke for a while, so it wasn't like Randy had moved half-way across the country, grown funky facial hair, changed his overall hair style and had gotten to know Locke all in a matter of days or weeks. I'm calling it a screw-up and not going to give myself the headache of thinking about it any more!


Humpy has pointed out that a wall hanging in Hurley's home is similar to or the same as one previously seen in the hatch and in the mental hospital.


Vincent's back! Kicking ass and taking... arms.Everyone kept wanting to know: "Where is Vincent?" So dammit, THIS was a HUGE question that got answered... Who cares about Jack's tattoos and The Others and all that crap. We all know who the real star of this show is...


So you must admit, EVEN if you didn't like the episode, that the VW joyride scene was awesome. It was pointed out that the song blaring from the 8-track player was "Shambala" by Three Dog Night. A post on the message boards explains, ""Shambala" references in ancient Tibet/Nepal/Buddhist culture a place of peace and tranquility. Of an enlightened society. Also, in Shambhala, Buddhist masters studied under...Dharma philosophies. Dharma IS a set of Buddhist philosophies relating to fate and innate predispositon vs free will."

I also just need to say this - I was ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that the Earth was going to open up and swallow the van whole with all four of the guys in it. I just kept waiting for something bad to happen. I'm glad it didn't.


The Others will surely fall victim to my mournful stares!The final scene of the show brought us back into the jungle, where Kate had achieved her goal of finding Rousseau. So one major thing did happen - which was that Kate CONFIRMED to Danielle that there is a girl NAMED ALEX currently with The Others. Rousseau did have hope that Alex was alive before from Claire, but now she has more hope AND knows where to look with Kate's help. As a side note, many wondered why The Others would've kept Alex's name the same.

Here is what Claire had told Rousseau before:

CLAIRE: Your baby -- was it a girl?
CLAIRE: What was her name?
DANIELLE: Alex, Alexandra.
CLAIRE: I remember a girl -- a girl with blue eyes. She helped me. She saved me, just like you did. She wasn't like the others. She was good.

And here is what Kate said:

KATE: I'm heading to The Other's camp. And if I'm going to find it, I need someone who knows the island.
DANIELLE: What makes you think I have an interest in helping you?
KATE: Because they had me. And they would have never let me go. Probably would have killed me if I hadn't escaped. And the girl who helped escape...she was about 16 years old. And her name was Alex. I'm pretty sure that she's your daughter.


Perhaps a little anti-climatic for all of us who had put two and two together oh, say, a year ago, but hey, I'll take it as it will move the action forward.


- And after Sayid was allowed to speak, I was like "Okay, can we just take a moment to enjoy that Sayid was allowed to speak?" I looooved Jin - him being the only person to help Hurley reminded me of him being the last one to help Bernard's S.O.S., so perhaps a little bit of continuity.
- Well, if nothing is going to happen, this is how to do it. Make it fun. This was the first episode I remember seeing in a long time that I actually want to watch a second time. I'm not sure if I agree that it was "vintage," or even if it was one of the great episodes, but it was certainly a welcome brush with lightness.
- Sure this episode was light as a feather, but like a pineapple sorbet between courses, it did cleanse the palate.
Yippee!- What a great episode. I love when they focus on the group interactions, rather than the little aside dramas that seem to be so popular. Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, and Charlie were a fabulous group of friends so desperate to be doing something as normal as "driving", was a great plot point. And the end, with all four of them whooping and hollering in joy at the one small victory accomplished made me feel like a million bucks. Fantastic. The guys must have had a blast filming this episode.
- I though this episode was brilliant. Because what it solved? Hurley's not cursed. And the island will still allow people to make their own luck. It may not be huge and groundbreaking, but for me, who has been under the continual fear of the island being some kind of insane world where everyone is destined to continually fail, this just brought some needed positivity.
- I enjoyed last night's episode. I think the entire point of the show was to have HOPE. It seemed that our Losties lost it when they realized the trio never returned with Hurley. Let's remember plane crash, people have been kidnapped, people have almost died and then those did die (Eko), your "leader" with the "smart" ideas and "hope" is captured and food is now running out. Sometimes people (me) just need a break.
- After the execrable Dark and Mysterious Legend of the Tattoos last week, I hesitate to say that Lost is "back," but this sure felt more like season 1 than anything we've seen in ages, for all that it was just cute 'n' shallow. Questions were asked! Information was shared! People were complaining about being stuck on Craphole Island! Seriously, even in the one-scene cameos, there was more normal human behavior on display than since before the Tailies showed up. My absolute favorite moment: after Hurley excitedly shouts that he UNDERSTANDS WHAT JIN IS SAYING, Daniel Dae Kim looks at him with that priceless little "wtf?" cocked eyebrow. Good God, I've missed that man.
- Aw, that was a cute little episode. I'll take that over Tattoogate any day.
- So, what exactly happened to poor Roger? He was taking the Budwagon offroad, crashed, hit his head and died? And nobody went looking for him? Dharma must make lousy beer. Maybe he passed away in an Incident or Monster-related fatality. Whatever happens, I desperately want to see Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle roll that bus into Otherville and start blasting away like a modern-day version of the A-Team.
- That was wonderful. At this point I'm happy if an episode at least doesn't raise further questions. I give up on waiting for answers.
- It's a shame that "instant gratification" has become the norm in America. "I NEED to know what's happening NOW! I can't wait a WHOLE SEVEN DAYS!" I personally love the mystery and thrill of this show. People need to relax and be patient. I feel bad for your significant others if that's how quick you need to be satisfied.
Applause erupts across the land!- I agree with some of the others here. America is too impatient. The enjoyment is in the ride - the journey, not the destination. This was a great episode and brought much needed lightheartedness. Leave it to Hurley to realize that they need some fun (ala the golf course) to relieve some pressure. And thanks for slapping Charlie for me, big guy!
- Now that actually felt like Lost. Can we please spend more time with the Losties and take a good long break from Jack and the Others? I'm sure we all know what's going on in Otherville anyway - Jack is either sulking or shouting, Juliet's making eyes at him while Ben is playing some macho head games, we really don't need to see it.
- I loved that Hurley always said "Tricia Tanaka." People never refer to local news personalities by only first or last name. I thought it was a nice detail.
- I got to see lots of Sawyer, Hurley, Jin AND Sayid (not enough of him though), so I'm feeling better about Lost again. I'm loyal, but they were losing my interest. I know we didn't get any answers to our questions last night, but it was a good break from the doom and gloom over at the Dharma zoo. Castaway's smiling, no one getting beat up, good episode. I was actually smiling at the end
- Two comments: All the main characters have issues with their fathers -- Jack, Kate, Locke, Sun and Jin and now Hurley. (Sawyer had problems with a stepfather, didn't he?) Hmmmmm.
- If the themes of Lost revolve around free will vs destiny...then this episode sides on the free will side -- we "make our own luck." Another theme: science vs faith -- this episode sides with having faith in oneself. Hurley found hope.
- There were a few answers as well, such as Vincent still being alive.
- I'm surprised the reviewer didn't pick up on the keys to the VW having a rabbit's foot attached... could that have been the source of Hurley's new-found luck?
- I'm all for them having a light-hearted episode to break up all the seriousness of late- but I agree with so many of you when I say: ABC (or whomever) has GOT to cool it with the overhyped promos. My normal Thursday morning office discussion was cancelled today because there wasn't anything really to talk about- even though the promos said "what EVERYBODY will be talking about."
- What about Hurley's mom covering the ears of the gold Jesus when she was discussing her "needs"? THAT was the funniest thing that's ever happened on the show.
Mop Head and Mop Head Jr.- What in the name of all unholy was that on Cheech Marin's head? If you don't want to put a curly wig on the no name actress' head... fine, but don't come along later and make someone we all know and love look ridiculous, because at this point we do not care where Hurley gets his mop from.
- Cheech's hairpiece in the first flashback was horrible. Worse than Trump's.
- Sawyer mentioned that the beer was skunked and flat (and undoubtedly warm). I suppose the magic of the island only extends so far.


This episode just might have set the record for "Most Great Lines"...

CHARLIE: Desmond...said I was going to die. He...e...e tells me he has these flashes, visions...whatever. And in them, I always die.
[Hurley stands there looking at Charlie and does not respond]
CHARLIE: So this is the part where...you tell me it's ridiculous, don't be daft, he's a nutter.
HURLEY: I think he might be right. And I think it might be my fault.
CHARLIE: Your fault?
HURLEY: I'm kind of cursed. Death finds me, dude.

TRICIA TANAKA: What the hell was that?! It's a puff piece, Mr. Reyes. Do you know what that is?
HURLEY: Yeah. Sorry, Tricia Tanaka.
(some people on the boards thought that Tricia's comment was an allusion to this entire episode being fluffy)

HURLEY'S DAD: Hey! Hugo!
HURLEY'S MOM: After 17 years...your father has returned.
HURLEY'S DAD: [Chuckling] Hey...ahh. Your mom wasn't kidding about those candy bars. [Laughing] Just kidding.

JIN: [Motioning with the pole, says something in Korean]
HURLEY: Oh, I got it. we're going to tip it up? Crafty.
JIN: Crafty?
HURLEY: Yeah, crafty. It's like...when you're good at...crafts. Never mind.

Bring on the nicknames once again!HURLEY: Dude! You're alive! [Laughing] You're alive!
SAWYER: Yeah, yeah Snuffy. It's good to see you, too.

SAWYER: Jin-bo! How you doing?
JIN: Good. See you.
SAWYER: Well look at that! Somebody's hooked on phonics.

What Would Jesus Think?HURLEY'S MOM: No, Hugo. Your father is staying with us.
HURLEY: He's staying with us where?
[Carmen looks somewhat uncomfortable]
HURLEY'S MOM: It's been 17 years, Hugo.
HURLEY: What's been 17 years?
[Carmen reaches out to the gold statue of Jesus and covers the ears with her fingers]
HURLEY'S MOM: I have needs.
[Understanding dawns on Hurley. He covers his ears and closes his eyes]
HURLEY: No! No! No! This can't be happening! He has to go! He has to! I want him gone!

Finally, Sawyer made a friend.HURLEY: Dude. That beer's been there since before Rocky 3, maybe even 2, it's probably poison by now.
[Sawyer looks over at the remains of Roger that has been propped up beside the van with his head back on his shoulders]
SAWYER: Skeletor seems to like it.
[Sawyer taps Roger's skull with a can of beer]

HURLEY'S DAD: What's with the earphones?
HURLEY: It's for the noise.
HURLEY'S DAD: Well, your mother's a very passionate woman.
HURLEY: That is...disgusting.

Go on, take the money and run!HURLEY: I'll give you a 1,000 dollars right now if you admit that my dad told you to say this stuff.
PSYCHIC: The mystic arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you...
HURLEY: 10,000.
PSYCHIC: Your dad put me up to it.

JIN: Beer.
SAWYER: Bingo. Beautiful.
[Sawyer taps the side of the van]
JIN: [Thumping the van with his elbow] Car.
SAWYER: OK. [Gesturing toward Hurley] International House of Pancakes.

HURLEY: Now, it is dangerous. And there's a very good chance that you will die.
CHARLIE: That's supposed to convince me to come with you?
HURLEY: It is. Because if you don't die...then we win.
HURLEY: Look, I don't know about you, but things have really sucked for me lately and I could really use a victory. So let's get one, dude. Let's get this car started. Let's look death in the face and say, "Whatever, man."

Life Lessons by SawyerSAWYER: I'm sorry.
JIN: I'm...sor-ry.
SAWYER: OK, nice. Keep it coming.
JIN: Uh. You...were...right.
SAWYER: OK. That's 2. Hit me.
JIN: Those...pants...don't make you look...fat.
SAWYER: [Laughing] Now you got it! Only 3 things a woman needs to hear.

HURLEY: Come on! Get up. We've got work to do.
SAWYER: What's your problem Jumbotron.
HURLEY: Shut up! Red...neck...man.
SAWYER: Touche. [Noticing Charlie] What's Jiminy Cricket doing here?


Read Entertainment Weekly's assessment


You have been forewarned, for hard-core Locke fans (or EXTREMELY bored people) only!

A drawing of Locke


3/7 - Enter 77

If you notice in the preview linked to above, the computer commands Locke to "Enter 38..." and the title of this week's episode is "Enter 77."

Peep this:
23+15 = 38
4+8+23+42= 77

Freak-ay (although notice that 16 is missing and 23 is repeated...)! According to Entertainment Weekly, "Enter 77" is a clue to fans and can be used to crack a code on some web site out there, but I haven't read or heard of anyone who has figured it out yet.

3/14 - Par Avion
3/21 - The Man from Tallahassee
3/28 - Expos
4/4 - Left Behind
4/11 - One of Us
4/18 - Catch-22
4/25 - D.O.C.

At the risk of raising expectations just like the evil ABC Promo Monkeys, I will say that I have heard that the episode this week ("Enter 77") is supposed to advance the plot quite significantly. We shall see... All I care about is that both Locke and Sayid are in it again, hooray!

- e

Wish I was there.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the latest summary, "e." I look forward to both your thoughts and Humpy's eggs each week. Thanks for adding to the show--makes it that much more fun!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't Hurley have been in Australia for several months before he decided to come home? That would give Randy time to work with Locke, right? Not everyone was in Australia for the same amount of time. Maybe it took Hurley a long time to find the numbers guy (well, his wife).

Erika (aka "e") said...

Yes, I do think it is possible that Hurley could've been in Australia for several months... but it does seem unlikely. He knew the name of the person he was going to see, and most likely already knew the person's address if he knew enough to go to Australia in the first place. Granted, he didn't know the guy was dead already, though!