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S2Ep15 - Maternity Leave (Claire's second flashback) - 03/01/06

Hello my dear friends -

As a refresher, I'm writing about the show Lost... remember that show? The one that's hardly ever on?

As it has been a while since the last new episode aired, I will provide an extremely quick recap of the freak-show that was "Maternity Leave" before getting into the board theories. Two new writers (Dawn Lambertsen Kelly & Matt Ragghianti) got their big break with this episode, and the feeling across the boards was that they did a superb job. Most people thought this episode was in the Top 5 of the series.


Baby Aaron/Turniphead is acting up. Danielle (a.k.a. Rousseau or French Chick) wanders into the camp, alludes to "the sickness" and scares Claire even more. Jack tries to tell Claire it's nothing, but she is not convinced. Claire enlists Libby to hypnotize her so she can remember what happened during her abduction. She recalls a medical facility and is insistent upon going there. She leaves the baby with Sun and takes off into the jungle with Kate, where they encounter Danielle again. All three go into the Medical Hatch. It looks abandoned except for Seabilly costumes and a baby bootie.

Claire finally pieces together most memories from those two weeks and we learn that Ethan (who must have been some kind of doctor) was injecting her stomach with something that he said was needed for the baby. Claire was drugged most of the time, and Ethan seemed to have a gross crush on her and remained as creepy as ever. The Others wore Hillbilly costumes but normally were fairly clean-shaven... we saw "Zeke" without the costume on and he was upset that Ethan brought Claire to the hatch before making "the list." A teenage girl who looked very much like Danielle (great casting, TPTB!) helped Claire to escape after telling her that a team of scary-looking doctors planned to cut the baby out of her and leave her to die. Danielle was the one who brought Claire back to camp.

Back in the Original Hatch, Eko insists upon seeing Henry Gale (or 'Obvious Other' as he is known on the boards), and then when he does... he confesses to killing two Others, asks for forgiveness, and then randomly cuts off his beard antennae. Henry Gale makes Locke upset by insinuating that Jack is the leader and Locke just does what he says. Henry also remains creepy.
Baby Aaron did just have a passing fever and rash. He is fine. For now.


The main reason why people felt the love for this espisode is because even though it of course raised more puzzling questions, it also actually gave some key answers. I will go into most of these points in detail later on, but for now, the main questions answered were:

1) Q. Is Danielle's daughter Alex still alive? A. Yes. [Most people believe this has pretty much been confirmed as they look very much alike and Alex is the right age, even though it's not TOTALLY confirmed].

2) Q. Are there two or three sets of Others? A. No. There is only one set of Others. Zeke/Seabilly Jim, Ethan and Goodwin were all from the same group.

3) Q. What happened to Claire during the abduction? A. Covered in flashbacks.

4) Q. How did Claire escape the Others? A. With help from the inside thanks to Alex, and then from Danielle once outside of the hatch. Which answers another question...

5) Q. Is Danielle an Other, or at least helping them? A. No.

6) Q. WHY is Zeke so ridiculous looking? A. Because it was a ridiculously bad costume.

So now, let's dissect:


[Cue Salt n Pepa, circa 1991]:

LADIES?!!!! All the ladies... louder now, help me out!

... this episode was so female-focused that I was half-expecting the Spice Girls to pop out and start yelling about "Girl Power!"

This post summed it up best:
"Loved the Riot Grrrl Hike. Very much enjoyed eyes-flashing baby-protecting Kate. Loved the handoff to Sun. Yay Island Sisterhood."

Even I was not annoyed by Kate this time around. Leave it to the women to start piecing together the puzzle that is The Others. Now let's just hope that, unlike the men, they TELL SOMEONE ELSE about it!!!


The title of this section is in honor of Trippy Claire... Ten "cool points" go to anyone who knows what it's from... (without Googling it, cheaters!).

As one post so subtly observed: "Drugged out Claire is so much better then hysterical screaming Claire."

The introduction of Trippy Claire led to one of the biggest points of contention on the boards: whether or not we can actually trust her flashbacks. Side A says that what we saw as viewers represented the truth - or - what actually happened. Side B says that what we saw as viewers were Claire's drugged-induced memories, some of which may not be completely real. My take is that the flashbacks were real and that we just need to go with that assumption until something proves otherwise.

Here are things to ponder from the flashbacks:

1) What's up with the Medical Hatch (also called the Caduceus Hatch, but I don't want to keep writing that out...)?

First off, in the scene where Ethan is leading Claire down the hall, there are two things you may have missed:
A. At the end of the hallway there was a little door with the words "Escape Hatch" over it.
B. The room that Claire briefly looked into before Ethan led her away was all dark wood, with ramps on either side as well as stairs in the middle leading up to a dark wooden wall (and I'm assuming a door or hidden door, couldn't tell) with lighted sconces. I immediately thought that may lead to the "main office" of the Others.

In the baby nursery room, you may have noticed that the crib had a mobile made of toy Oceanic airplanes. Well, that's comforting. Geez.

But we have actually seen a crib looking much like this before - in the nightmare Claire had at the beginning of her first flashback (Raised by Another). While the crib in her nightmare wasn't exactly identical to the one in the Medical Hatch, the plane mobile looked like it may be the same. In that nightmare, could she have been foreseeing what was going to happen to her?

Another strange thing is that the plane mobile played "Catch a Falling Star," which is the same song Claire requested the potential adoptive parents sing to her baby in her first flashback. This coincidence has led many to believe that The Others therefore were involved in some, if not all, of the characters' lives BEFORE the crash. I personally also think that they could've perhaps gotten that information some other way... I mean, we know the Smoke Monster thing scans minds, so perhaps that's how they knew she liked that song. We didn't see all two weeks of what happened to her in the Medical Hatch. Or, perhaps it was truly a coincidence.

No, it can't be. Not on this show!

2) What's up with The Others?

We learned a lot about The Others in this episode:
- They have a team of doctors on the island, of which Ethan was one.
- They were injecting into Claire the same fluid that Desmond was seen injecting into himself in the Season 2 premiere: Comparison of vials. However, no one is sure if this is truly a vaccine, or a placebo used to play mind games, or something that actually causes an illness.
- For some utterly inexplicable reason, they dress up as Sea/Hillbillies when encountering other groups of people on the island.
- They definitely wanted Claire's baby specifically, and were willing to kill her in the process of getting it. We do not know why they needed it so urgently and were not prepared to wait for her to deliver naturally.
- Whatever they are doing with the kids they take, it seems like the kids still have the chance to turn out OK (such as Alex).
- There is only one group of Others. Their M.O. is to infiltrate the camps of anyone else who lands on the island, make a list of everyone who is "good" or who they want to take for some reason, and then take them. Why they dress up and how they leave no footprints and are so stealthy, we still do not know. How we know there is only one group is that we actually witnessed Ethan talking to Clean-Shaven Zeke (by the way, in the scripts the character's name is Mr. Friendly, though he has never been referred to as that on the show itself) (if you didn't realize that was him, witness the many faces of Zeke). Zeke referred to "the list," which connects them to Goodwin, who told Ana Lucia about the list of good people he had. Therefore, Zeke, Ethan and Goodwin all seem to be from the same group.
- It sounds like there is someone The Others collectively "report to" (no one can escape The Man!). Here is the dialogue from that scene:

VOICE: What the hell happened? You were supposed to make the list and then bring her in. Was I unclear?
ETHAN: It's not my fault. They knew I wasn't on the plane. They had a manifest.
[The voice is revealed as Mr. Friendly, without his beard and grubby clothes.]
MR. FRIENDLY: What am I supposed to tell him? You know what he's going to do when he finds out. Damn it, Ethan.

- The biggest question now is: Why did The Others abandon the Medical Hatch and where are they now?


Who is the "he" that Zeke referred to? There are several theories, so I've pasted in posts that speak for each:
- "I have a feeling it is someone we know and love of the castaways."
- "Maybe, but wasn't HE supposedly going to be pissed that Ethan didn't get a list of the Lostaways? One of the main characters wouldn't need that, as they would already know everyone's names and stuff (with the possible exception of Scott/Steve)." (note: the list is supposed to be of the "good people" specifically, just not of everyone's names... )
"The "HE" whom Zeke was referring to was the same "HE" that Eko wants Henry Gale to inform that Eko is good now. So I'm tempted to think that "HE" is God." (note: Eko never referred to a "he" or "him," so I don't know what this person is talking about)
- "Desmond referred to a "Him," too, in "Adrift." He said to Locke: "Are you him?" I'm wondering if it's the same "Him" that Zeke was referring to."
- "Again, going with the theory that Henry Gale is the HE that Ethan and Zeke spoke about. "
- "As for "HE," I hope that Gerald DeGroot or Alvar Hanso will finally show up."
- No post for this theory that summed it up... but a lot of people also thought that the Smoke Monster could be "Him" - especially those that believe the EW Theory (covered in last write-up, and mentioned again below).

What do I personally think? I am figuring that "he" is either someone we do not know yet, Henry Gale, or DeGroot (U of M hippie guy who helped found the Initiative(Hanso financed it)). I'm hoping it's someone we haven't met yet.

(I would make some 'Dharma and Greg' joke, but I never watched that show because Jenna Elfman annoys me. Though 'Keeping the Faith' was a good movie. I digress.)

Another point of controversy is: Are The Others PART of The Dharma Initiative, or were they test subjects who ended up taking control and now just use the Dharma facilities and resources?


Here is a compilation of some of the best posts I read on the topics I've covered thus far:

- "Did they abandon the entire project or what? It's only been about 4 weeks I think? Zeke's beard and Seabilly cap. Costume glue. Thank god that was all fake because it was SO BAD. But seriously, why did they have to choose to be hillbillies? I mean, be like Ewoks or aliens or something to fit in with all the weirdness on the island - but seafaring hillbillies? I guess we now know The Others may be devious, but they sure ain't creative."
- "Very interesting twist that the other just play hillbillies on tv but are scientists in real life. But do we really know if they are working for Dharma or just overthrew the Dharma people working there?"
- "One stupid little thing that I absurdly liked was that the beard glue had a Dharma symbol on it. Dharma definitely knows the power of branding. "
Dharma Brand Glue
- "And my big question is... what happened in between Claire's escape and this ep to cause damage to the hatch? It looks like the Others still worked out of there, judging by the lockers and Zeke's beard. If that's the case, where'd they go? And why?"
- "Nice Ethan more creepy than Creepy Evil Ethan... But he IS related to Tom Cruise in real life, so you know the cra-zeeeee is in there somewhere."
- "And isn't it funny that Tom Cruise is warning us about psychiatrists and hooking our kids on drugs . Maybe Tom knows that the Dharma initiative isn't just fiction (they like to start the kids prenatally on ritalin). That's what this is, a public service announcement for Scientology and the evils of psychiatry (plus he got his cousin to participate). (Hey don't forget JJ is directing MI:3) Think about it!"
- "Why didn't Kate and Claire bring back Zeke's Lee Press-on Beard and spread the news about the new hatch? You'd think that they'd at least go scavenge whatever they could from it, or use it for shelter. What else was in those damn lockers, other than Othergear? "
- "Perhaps the Others don't want the Losties and the Tailies around because they are contaminated. Doesn't excuse kidnapping, hangings, mind games and not sharing the peanut butter from Day 1, but it's good to know that there is more to them than an episode of Scooby Doo. Sayid rips off Zeke's beard, and Zeke screams, "And I would've gotten away with keeping Aaron, if it weren't for that meddling kid!""
- "Yeah, but why? I have no idea why he would want to look all Gordon's Fishermanesque. Maybe he doesn't want the lostaways to know he's a scientist?"
- "Perhaps the Lostaways might recognize them from their respective pre-island days?"
- "Does anyone have an explanation for why the Others don't leave footprints? It seems like they are normal, if misguided, people - not ghosts or spirits. "
- "Proof that Claire is a bad mother: Do not let your baaaby suck on the knit baby bootie that you found laying on the floor of the dirty empty hatch. He is just getting over a fever and a rash!"


Here is an interesting theory, although I still think it's a Swan:
"Is that really a swan surrounded by I Ching symbols — or is that a serpent trapped inside a snake charmer's basket? Now, click on that swan/snake (on the link below) and watch the orientation film. That music at the beginning and the end — that's snake-charmer music, people!"

Swan logo: The Dharma Initiative

(The station IS called the Swan in the orientation film, though)

Someone on 'The Fuselage' (web site set up by the show writers) commented that the logo on Ethan's canteen was the same logo that was on the shark. See for yourself here:
Shark and Canteen Dharma Logos

Here are some posts on why this could be significant:
- "It would indicate that Ethan was in the underwater hatch when he came ashore to kill Scott (Steve? I sadly have a mental block on that and I don't mean to, honest.). I would also bet that he, or someone in the underwater hatch, took out Joanne as well. " (note: this person is talking like there definitely IS an underwater hatch, whereas that has never been stated on the show nor in anything I've read)
- "I rewatched the episode where Ethan killed Scott. Sayid said that he would have had to come ashore from the water. "

THE MORE YOU KNOW (insert chimes here)

Two MORE books were shown this episode. Here's the analysis from the boards:

Sawyer was reading "Lancelot" by Walker Percy
"This novel partly asks the question of what would Lancelot be like in our day and age? In a land where chivalry is meaningless, what happens to the epitome of chivalry?"

Locke gave Henry Gale "The Brothers Kazamarov" by Fyodor Dostoevsky
- "Probably the most well-known section of The Brothers Karamazov is a story told by one of the characters, wherein a second-coming Jesus is imprisoned and faces a Grand Inquisitor, who tells him that (essentially) the Church is in control now, and he is no longer needed or wanted."
- "Brothers Karamazov, one of the most amazing novels ever written. The most famous section is "The Grand Inquisitor" a story that Alyosha tells. The story says that Jesus returned during the Inquisition and was promptly arrested. The Inquisitor said that Jesus doomed man to fight eternally by giving him the "right to choose." So the Church and the Inquistor follow the Devil, (the Other) who makes the choice for humans. The Inquisitor is going to help save humanity from itself by eliminating choice. I'm sure I've way oversimplified it, but that's what I remember from grad school. Anyway, interesting parallel between the Dharma Initiative which seems to include the "others" who believe they are doing the right thing. Making choices for the castaways? Eliminating free will? Manipulating fate?"


Nobody has any new theories on why Eko is back to marking and cutting down trees. The two main contenders remain: 1) To build a church or 2) To perhaps form a pattern that can be seen from above. That would have to be pretty big...


In order to properly assess the bizarre Eko/Henry Gale scene, I must be sure you remember it, so here is the transcript from that part, I added in some of the comments in brackets:

EKO [enters the room looking huge and menacing, then extends his hand to shake]: Hello. I am Mr. Eko.
GALE: [looks like he is going to pee his pants] Henry Gale.
EKO: Do you mind if I sit, Henry?
GALE: [bug-eyed and scared] Okay.
EKO: How long have you been in here?
GALE: 2 days.
EKO: Are they treating you well?
GALE: Treating me well? I'm a prisoner; and I don't know why, or for what, or...
EKO: You are a prisoner because they are being careful. They are being careful because they believe you are lying.
GALE: Why would I lie? They think I'm one of these others -- other what?
EKO: Please, stop talking, Henry. The first night I spent on this island I was dragged into the jungle by 2 men. They never spoke a word to me, nor I to them. I killed these men -- smashed in their head with a stone, felt their blood on my arms. I need you to know how sorry I am for this. I need you to know that I am back on the righteous path now. And that I regret my actions. I ask you for your forgiveness.
GALE: Why are you telling me this?
EKO: Because I needed to tell someone.
[Eko pulls out a knife in a threatening manner, but uses it to cut off the 2 longer strands on his beard. Eko exits.]

The best line of the night was not from the show, but from my friend EG, who was watching at my place. After that scene was over, he stated: "I think he had him at 'Hello.'"

So back to the scene... first off, I nearly fainted when I thought Eko was going to slit his own throat. I was ready to write some major hate mail.

I could try to explain all the theories on the boards about this scene, but instead I have pulled some of the best posts once again to make the important points:
- "I'll miss Eko's chin pigtails."
- "Regarding the beard cutting: in certain religious traditions, cutting the hair is a sign of penance (and in some a sign of mourning, but I'm going for penance in this case)."
- "Eko believes Gale is one of The Others, and that is why he confessed his regret to him, as a representative of the 2 he killed."
- "I don't know and I don't care just as long as those two annoying beard antennae are GONE. "
- "I really hope this "Keeping track of one's body count in your facial hair" thing catches on."
- "Eko's little warning to Henry was understood by both men. It was a nice way of saying "Don't make me have to hurt you." AAA can go from nice to menacing in about 30 seconds. Tony Soprano ain't got nothing on him. Great acting in the ep. Great episode IMO."

Shout-out to Brett who called in the "comments" section of my last post that the Henry Gale scenes were a play on a Twilight Zone episode. As Entertainment Weekly also noted; "The episode is actually an elaborate homage to the classic Twilight Zone episode 'The Howling Man,' in which a reclusive religious order captures a man suspected of being Satan. YOU MUST WATCH ''THE HOWLING MAN''! The phrases ''Dharma,'' ''Lost,'' and ''One of Them'' are all conspicuously referenced. Am I suggesting that Dharma was trying to capture Satan, or perhaps cure mankind of ''original sin''? Maybe. But at the very least, these devilish little details — combined with the Skinner-box nature of the Hatch — strongly suggest that nothing is what it seems when it comes to the Dharma Initiative."


I must admit that I got a little choked up at the end of the episode when Claire tells Danielle that there is indeed a young woman named Alex with The Others, and that she is "good." I repeat, they did a great job casting, see for yourself: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Interesting thought on Danielle, with which I agree:
- "Anyone else think it's just a matter of time before Danielle is assimilated into the group? Probably will not move her stuff into camp or anything like that, she's been alone too long, but she is gradually becoming a trusted ally. For better or for worse."


Yes, the baby is unbelievably huge. And supposedly he is only 15 days old. Some mega-intense guy who runs a great site made this timeline for the show (not sure if this is all accurate, but it's got to be close): The Lost Timeline


OK, so Locke kind of let his emotions get the best of him at the end of the episode, and had a violent reaction to Gale's insinuations that Jack was the leader and Locke was just second fiddle. Those watching with me can attest that I was moaning, "Locke.... no!!!!!" And I still say to Locke: BE A MAN! BE THE MAN THAT I KNOW YOU ARE!!!!! Don't let Obvious Other get to you?!?!

But hear me now and believe me later... I am NOT going to abandon my Locke Fandom just because Locke may turn out to be crazy. I'm no fair-weather friend! Just ask all of my truly crazy friends! Hee hee. Anyway, 'sadly naive people with good intentions' are a personal weakness of mine, and Locke continues to break my heart. But of course, I actually do not think he's going to turn out to be crazy... though I do think there are already major signs of disullusionment. Here are some great posts on the subject:

- "Island Locke is different than Flashback Locke. I think Locke likes to present himself as one thing on the island. But in reality (hah!), he's weak and easily manipulated. As someone else said, his father manipulated him out of a kidney. Something happened with Helen. We don't know the whole story, but I think that Locke's facade is crumbling fast."
- "Locke's idea that island had mystical powers and he would be some sort of Island priest was squashed (for him) with the mechanics of the Darma hatch. Now he doesn't know his place and he's floundering."
- "With regard to Locke being easily manipulated when that doesn't seem to fit with his character, let's not forget that Sawyer has already summed up this season's theme for us: "A tiger don't change it's stripes." In the first season, everyone surprised us by being different than they first appeared. This season, we've seen Sawyer be a conman at heart, Hurley be the fat guy hoarding food, Sayid become a torturer again, Claire go back to "mystical" practices, Charlie go back to hoarding heroin... it can't just be a coincidence. Thus, Locke is simply proving Sawyer's prophetic words; he's going back to what he was at the beginning: an easily manipulated person."
- "Could Locke's hissy fit have been a deliberate show? He *knows* that the walls are thin... maybe this is the resurrection of CraftyLocke, who used to make plans and manipulate people, not just sit around pushing buttons. His expression works against this idea, I'll admit. But imagine Locke entering into a pretend alliance with Henry -- wouldn't that be clever of him?"
- "Locke is definitely losing it... I'm assuming that this will lead into the next Locke episode, if he doesn't go completely nuts before he reaches a flashback. Someone upthread pointed out that despite his walkabout fantasies he's really just a guy who works for a box company whose parents screwed him up royally."



LOCKE: We can't hide him down here forever. Changing shifts around is going to get people asking questions. I just want to know what the long term plan is.
JACK: Well, John, let me ask you this: we don't have a long term plan for the button but we keep pushing it, don't we? Look, until we know who he is -- whether or not he's telling the truth -- we have to keep doing what we're doing. If you've got a better idea let's hear it.
GALE [very faintly, from the cell]: How 'bout you let me go?!?!?! (note: I don't know if that was meant to be funny, but it was to me)

KATE: I need a gun. And you don't get to ask why.
SAWYER: Well, Thelma, seeing as I got all the guns, I do get to ask why.

JACK [to Eko]: Be careful what you say to him. He's smart and curious. Just give us a shout when you're done.
LOCKE: If the alarm goes off, don't tell him what it's for.
EKO: What is it for?
[Jack and Locke look at each other sheepishly]


Are you ready? There (so far) are THREE new episodes IN A ROW coming up... and perhaps more. But this is all I can see right now... I've also included the fourth episode from now but do not know when that will air.

This week - 3/22/06: 'The Whole Truth.' Hmmm, on the previews Sun is asking Sawyer for a pregnancy test. That can't be a good thing on Craphole Island.

3/29/06: 'Lockdown.' Let's just say I will be very happy with this episode. Can you guess who it is about?

4/05/06: 'Dave.' What looks like another good episode that will deal with a character who is a fan favorite and perhaps shed light on one of the biggest questions out there.

TBD: 'S.O.S.' Limited information on this one right now.

Forewarning - I am traveling for a while, including this weekend, so the post for The Whole Truth will probably go up late Tuesday night, the 28th.


In the last episode, "One of Them" (Sayid's flashback), there were two hidden audio tracks. You will need to scroll down on these first two links to read the transcripts that are scattered throughout the threads:
One of Them Hidden Audio Script, Part 1

One of Them Hidden Audio Script, Part 2

As Henry is specifically mentioned in these whispers, it makes him seem to be an Other (if The Others are indeed the ones whispering).

If you are interested in reading ALL of the hidden audio in the series to date (there is a lot, believe it or not!), bookmark this page, to which they continue to add links:
Hidden Audio Track Script Master Thread


Yes, we are ALL SICK AND TIRED of Brokeback Mountain jokes. However, since this video clip is Lost-related, I felt it was my duty to pass along... a clever compilation of Sawyer and Jack scenes.

Brokeback Island


Here is a page keeping a running list of several Lost-related videos that fans have made. Yes, I've seen the Locke one with the Darth Vader music but I thought it was kind of lame so I didn't call it out specifically here.

Lost Video Fan Collection


At some point last year I reported that I had read director Darren Aronofsky was going to take the helm of an episode of Lost. He had to back out on that for the time being. I'm kind of glad, as his movies scare me.

Article on Aronofsky


- In case you didn't notice... the Russian president was also Claire's psychic. And it appears from the previews (I watch 24 later in the week, so this episode already aired) that Desmond is also now on 24.

Here are some funny 24-and-Lost-related posts:
- "The only way for their leadership to get worse would be for President Logan to show up on the island and replace Jack & Locke."
- "Mr. Eko would have the best staredown ever with Jack Bauer."


If you never read the original 5 part theory from Entertainment Weekly, it is here:

Original EW/Aaron Theory

Here is a Q & A about the theory that gets more detailed:

Reader Questions about the EW Theory

To post comments, click on the Comments link below. You don't have to have a username or log in or anything. I post comments after I review them, typically each night.

Until next week,
- e


Anonymous said...

It's Spinal Tap! the flower people and all that.

Erika (aka "e") said...

The Cool Points go to Brett! I will grant you 11 cool points instead of 10, in honor of Spinal Tap...

Nick said...

I am now convinced (via my own crazy mind) that Dharma got to the Lostaways before the flight. Like the person that wrote into EW this week, I think the "flashbacks" were "implanted" in them by Dharma. They all appear in each others flashbacks, and my guess it is computer-related. The "computer" that gave them their memories only had a limited amount of memory, so their stories overlap. Kinda like Y2K or something. "It's computers... San Dimas High School Football RULES!"

Also, I think we have to believe that the "flashbacks" in this ep (and every ep) are accurate accounts. Otherwise that is just too confusing and deceptive. "I don't appreciate your ruse, Ma'am... (My what?) ... Your cunning attempt to trick me."

I know you'll get the first quote, but do you remember the second?

Erika (aka "e") said...

1) Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (I've used the San Dimas High School Football Rules! quote in the write-ups before... but not the "It's computers..." preface.)

2) Randal from Clerks.


And I definitely think the "memory implant" theory is plausible, though very Matrix-like. It ALWAYS comes back to a Keanu movie. Always.

Anonymous said...

i've heard that the plane crashed on an abanoned movie set. it would explain the theater glue

Anonymous said...

A pre-Lost Sawyer in an Old Navy ad. So sad.