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S3ep15 - Left Behind (Kate's sixth flashback)

Are you DUMPING me after I tried to save your ass?!?!Hello my dear friends -

I had to chuckle when I came across this post from the boards, because it summed up "Left Behind" for me:

"This episode was better than it seems like it should have been. If that makes any sense."

Wednesday rolled around quickly last week, and I didn't really have any expectations about "Left Behind." I knew it was going to be a Kate flashback, and I knew from the previews that they were going to try to satisfy male fans by having a cat-fight between Kate and Juliet in the pouring rain in the jungle, but other than that, I knew nothing about what would happen. I honestly didn't see how they could possibly do another Kate flashback as it seemed like we already knew all there was to know that was important about her background.

And may you be cursed with crying every time you see the Mad Doctor!However, I give them credit for pulling it off - I did enjoy the show and while it wasn't one of the best of the season, it did keep moving things along and we got new information. Some people thought this was the best Kate flashback on record, and liked how it tied back to Season One by directly referencing when Kate's mom started screaming for help when Kate visited her in the hospital (which we now know was the next time Kate saw her after the bathroom scene from this episode). But NOW I really feel like they can never have another Kate flashback. We shall see...


GirlFRIENNNND, have I got a favor to ask you!I thought it was extremely clever to tie Sawyer's ex-girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Cassidy, in with Kate. We had seen Sawyer in that area of the country before as he was served by Kate's mom in the diner in one of his previous flashbacks ("The Long Con"). I was actually hoping that Cassidy would then ask Kate to help her scam the money back from Sawyer in return for her helping Kate out, and that Kate would still never know who the mystery man was, but alas, they didn't go that route. But it was interesting nonetheless. And in an inadvertent way from their final conversation, Kate did motivate Cassidy to turn Sawyer in to the authorities, which I also thought was crafty.

Kate: So, this guy who ripped you gonna give me his name? Tell me where I can find him? You almost got arrested for me, Cassidy. I want to help you.
Cassidy: I'm pregnant.
Kate: [Whispering] Oh.
Cassidy: It's his. The baby's his. [Crying] And I still love him.
Kate: So call the cops... have him locked up.

... less than a year or so later, in the "Every Man for Himself" flashbacks, which took place while Sawyer was in prison:

Cassidy: Hello, Sawyer
Sawyer: It's James Ford. And I know you know that because you got it right when you pressed charges.
Cassidy: You're mad at me?
Sawyer: Well look where I am.
Cassidy: Well what did you want me to do? You conned me!
Sawyer: Something you want?
Cassidy: Yeah. Yeah, there is.
Sawyer: Come on, I got license plates to make.
[Cassidy pulls out a picture of a blue-eyed, blond-haired baby girl and slides it over to Sawyer] Sawyer: Hmph. What's this?
Cassidy: This is your daughter.


Notice that Kate only plays with the white pieces - a wannabe good girl?While Kate was being held in the game room awaiting her fate, she absentmindedly began playing with backgammon game pieces. A lot of people jumped all over this, as backgammon has been shown and played several times in the series, and many people feel the game represents the show's theme of "good versus evil."

Remember this speech by Locke (to Walt) in the pilot episode of the series:
"Backgammon's the oldest game in the world. Archaeologists found sets when they excavated the ancient ruins of Mesopotamia -- 5,000 years old. That's older than Jesus Christ. But their dice weren't made of plastic. Their dice were made of bones. Two players. Two sides. One is light, one is dark."

Another game that was shown in the game room was Mousetrap, which we've seen before on the show as well, when Locke worked at some sort of Sam's Club-ish looking place:

[Shot of Locke's hand setting up a Mousetrap game as an employee in a department store. A kid walks up.]
KID: What's that?
LOCKE: A game. It's my favorite game, actually. I used to play it with my brother. It's called Mousetrap.
KID: How do you play?
LOCKE: Well, you start with all these parts off the board. And then, one by one, you build the trap - shoe, bucket, tub - piece by piece it all comes together. And then you wait 'til your opponent lands here on the old cheese wheel. And then if you set it up just right, you spring the trap.


Speaking of my man... I will admit to being very disappointed in Locke. While I definitely understand why he felt the need to stay with Benry and figure out the secrets of the Island, especially since Papa Locke is now in tow, I thought he owed Kate more of an explanation for his departure than he gave her. I guess the fact that he checked in at all was more than he had to do, but his good-bye speech was pretty cold, especially the whole "I know what you did" part. I can only imagine what's going on in Kate's mind since she has good reason to believe that both Jack and Locke have been brainwashed.

Now that was a perfectly good sandwich that you wasted.  The island will punish you!!!Speaking of that - COULD Locke be brainwashed in any way? I personally don't think so, as there are reasons to explain why he would want to leave with The Others. Also, only a matter of hours had passed since he set the explosion and was captured, so it would have had to have been some heavy-duty brainwashing to take effect in that short amount of time. However, it has been noted that Locke had a bandage wrap on his right hand when he came to say good-bye to Kate. He didn’t have this before (but he did have the black eye before) when we last saw him (which was when Papa Locke was revealed). There is a contingent that assumes the bandage is because he had an I.V. either to help him gain strength back... or to brainwash him (and the I.V. that Karl had when he was in the Clockwork Orange room is cited for comparison).

Luckily, Sayid doesn't appear to have changed yet. At the end of the episode he was like, "Why are we taking this skank back with us??? I say once again, you people are all idiots!"


What's up with The Others just cold busting out of Othersville? Why the rush? Why all the gas masks if they were only throwing the canisters into specific buildings while they were all out in the open air? The whole thing seemed very strange to me. It doesn't seem like they would need to leave the barracks simply because three Lostaways (whom they all had in captivity) found their location. For now I'm going to chalk it up to the directors just wanting to make that scene more dramatic than it really was, but some have guessed that there may be something else going on that we are not clued into yet.

So where did they go? Well, we all know that Falcatraz is only where they worked, and it didn't really have living quarters there. As covered in the "Not in Portland" write-up, there is supposedly a third island that is more of an "observation station," so perhaps they went there. Maybe they went somewhere else on the main island? Either way, I am just not clear at all as to why they had to leave Othersville. Anyone have any ideas?

Even though we may not know where The Others went, we do know that they left no evidence of their departure behind:

Sayid: I checked all the houses. Everyone's gone. No weapons... no trail...
[Kate walks up to the group]
Kate: [Speaking softly to Sayid] Hey.
Sayid: It's like 50 people disappeared into thin air.

Might this be evidence of an underground tunnel system? We have thought this may be the case ever since seeing the Hatch Map, with what appeared to be connecting lines between the hatches. And as pointed out in last week's write-up, it seemed like Benry and Juliet disappeared down a tunnel when they visited the Pearl station. If they were going into tunnels, it may make more sense that they were wearing gas masks if they feared someone or something may retaliate against them.


First off, what's up with the Karate Kid moves by Juliet at the beginning of the episode? When she just flipped Kate over like it was nothing? I don't think they teach you that stuff in med school...

You're just jealous that they branded me and not you!Secondly, she certainly had me fooled the entire time she was handcuffed together with Kate. To find out that SHE cuffed them together and that she DID know about Smokey and that she had the handcuff key all along - I was truly surprised. However, although it's difficult to trust anything she says at this point, I do think she really hadn't ever encountered Smokey close-up before, and I really don't think she knows exactly what he is.

Thirdly, did anyone else notice that Juliet knew it was going to rain? In this show, I take that to be more meaningful than a casual "Hey, it looks like it might rain." She KNEW it was going to rain.

Finally, some people on the boards wondered if Juliet was really left behind on purpose... as in, The Others really trust her to be "one of them" (note that the title of the next episode is "One of Us"), and are expecting that she will be keeping tabs on the Lostaways, and perhaps finding out even more about them, and then reporting back in some way to The Others.

Could it be?  Naahhh, it couldn't be.  Could it?Shout-out to SA for sending along word of this debate on the boards: was Juliet actually in the group of people packing up to leave and donning gas masks in the beginning of the episode? Some point to the blond with the blue shirt (same color as what Juliet had on in the jungle) as looking very similar to Juliet. Others think it is definitely NOT her, and point to a different belt, a different walking stride, and the fact that it would make no sense. If she truly was left behind by The Others, she wouldn't have been part of the preparations to leave. And if she was left behind to be a spy, they wouldn't have wanted Kate to have possibly spied her through her window.

However, even if Juliet wasn't a part of the gas mask crew, I think there is evidence (on top of all of the lies I mentioned above) that points to the possibility of her being used as a mole. Take this statement, for example:

Juliet: Sayid's in one of those backyards down there. I'll go get him. You should get Jack.

Juliet KNEW that Jack and Sayid would be back at the camp, but she didn't mention Locke. Why would that be? If she had truly been shut out by The Others, then last she knew, they had captured Locke after supposedly blowing up the submarine. However, if she was "left behind" on purpose, she may have slipped in making her statement above, because it shows that she wasn't expecting Locke to be around because she knew that he was leaving along with The Others.

Furthermore, even though Juliet later admitted to cuffing Kate and trying to make it seem like they were "in it together," how could she have been sure that the sonic fence was off? It could have been off previously, but how could she know that The Others had not turned it back on after ditching the barracks? She was POSITIVE that it was off... and some people think that the only way she could know that for sure is if she were in on The Others' scheme.


Aaahh, CRAP.  Blondie put up the Force Field of Doom. Let's bust.Our favorite violent black smoke cloud has returned... and it appears that the Force Field of Doom may have been built specifically to keep Smokey away from The Others' barracks. Which means that The Others do not control Smokey. Which also means that Papa Locke is probably NOT an apparition courtesy of Smokey (which was one of the three theories covered in "The Man from Tallahassee" write-up). I wouldn't totally rule out that possibility just yet, but it is definitely looking less and less likely. I can only guess that The Others have just been going about their business on the island, built the force field to keep Smokey out, and are able to travel between islands to do their experiments and projects. And that Smokey is one of the "mysteries of the island" that has nothing to do with them.

I don't look good in this light, it makes me look even more pale!Did you notice all the flashes that occurred when it was "looking" at Kate and Juliet? Were those the much-hypothesized "mind scans?" Some people mentioned that the white flashes have not occurred before, which is correct... Eko's encounter definitely had no flashes. Other people thought that Juliet looked and acted more affected by the flashes than Kate did, or that it was specifically targeting Juliet.

Since we now know from Patchy (with confirmation from the producers in one of their official podcasts) that The Others are NOT DHARMA, and since it appears that The Others are just as afraid of Smokey as the Lostaways are, then perhaps Smokey is the remnant of a DHARMA experiment. If you remember the Hatch Map that Locke saw on the wall during the "Lockdown" episode, there was reference to "Cerberus" (named after the mythical three-headed dog monster which guards Hell), which many people thought to be the real name of Smokey. Smokey definitely looked more like a three-headed monster in this episode than ever before. And there was also a note on the Hatch Map about an "incident," which some people think may be an event that led to Smokey having a life of its own. We are still supposed to find out more about Smokey in this season, and it seems that they are most definitely building up to that point (as Smokey was mentioned and featured prominently in the past two episodes).

One thing that we do know right now is that Smokey didn't choose to or isn't "smart" enough to go over the top of the sonic fence. It has been wondered if Smokey is somehow connected to the ground, as it always seems to fly pretty low to the jungle floor, and has tried to drag Locke down a hole, and seems to have the ability to uproot trees.

Lastly on this topic... as Juliet and Kate were running from Smokey, I was confused by Juliet saying, just like Patchy had, that the force field was no longer working.

[They run to the edge of the perimeter of the sonic fence and Juliet continues to pull Kate forward]
Kate: Stop. Wait.
Juliet: What are you doing?
Kate: I know what happens when you step through those things...
Juliet: No. They are off, Kate!
Kate: We will go along side them.
Juliet: We don't need to. We can go around. They're off!

Juliet went in between the pylons, and then Kate went through them, and THEN Juliet armed the force field. To many on the boards, this confirmed the suspicion that Patchy is not really dead. They believe he somehow faked his brain hemorrhage. To that, I say: "Saaaaaay whhhhaaaaaa?" Last I checked, it was pretty hard to start foaming out of the mouth and bleeding out of your ears on cue. But I will agree that something fishy is going on with the force field apparently being on with Patchy went through it, but off when Juliet and Kate went through.

A ha! I just thought of the explanation. The force field is usually on, and therefore Patchy was lying when he said that it hadn't worked for years... and therefore, he died after Locke pushed him between the pylons to test it out. However, since Juliet may still be in The Others' good graces and could be being used as a spy, she could've known that the force field was turned off in order to protect her and Kate from being sizzled.

Watch Juliet enter in some familiar numbers to arm the system.


We could totally take them from behind, what do you say?I think it's fair to say that Jack is totally done with Kate. I think Juliet built Kate's expectations up that there may still be a chance for reconciliation with the Mad Doctor, but when Jack asked if Juliet was still around, I think that was a telling moment. And obviously Jack has enough of a bond with Juliet that he's going to defend his decision to bring her back to the Lostaways' camp. Thickening the plot is that Sawyer seems to have embraced his leadership status by the end of the episode, only to have the Mad Doctor return right afterward.

I predict: mounting tension, many stolen glances and at least one heated argument before they all have to work as a team again against some common enemy. Damn, I could write this show.

Also, does anyone else besides me think that they should just take over Othersville? I hope Jack's idea is to only go back to the beach just to get everyone else and then head back across the island so they at least have some of the creature comforts supplied in the barracks.


Two things I figured I should probably note, though I'm not sure what they mean or IF they have any significance...

1) The gas canister that was shown landing in the game room with Kate is manufactured by a real company (which has never been done before on Lost):

See its specs here.

I'm pretty easily conned for a con man, aren't I?2) Sawyer was reading Watership Down... again. People aren't sure if he just ran out of books or if this has some sort of meaning.

While we're on the topic of Sawyer - I'm intentionally NOT mentioning the lame sub-plot of the "banishment con" pulled by Hurley. Who DIDN'T see the fact that it was all a trick coming from a mile away?


-Nikki and Paulo stayed dead! Happy day!
- How in the hell long was Jack unconscious for? I mean, Kate is gassed and wakes up with Juliet in the jungle. In the daytime. They spend all day and all night and some of the next day in the jungle. When they get back to Othersville, Jack is still unconscious??? Did he get the super-extra dose??
- And Jack? I am sorry that you didn't get to go home. More sorry than you'll ever know. But when the lady I'm supposed to believe you love is crying and apologizing for trying to save you and you just sit there like a block of ice? And you don't bother to mention that her rescue attempt wasn't, in and of itself, the reason you're still on Craphole Island? That Locke literally blew your chance, not her?
- Smokey is officially no longer scary. It already knows that it doesn't like the sonic fence, but hasn't figured out that, since it is f-cking SMOKE it could FLOAT OVER THE TOP OF IT to get at its prey???? Jesus H. Christ. When it scanned Juliet, did it pick up her blankness via osmosis??
- Loved seeing Smokey again this episode. With regard to why it didn't just rise above the sonic boom, I don't know how much vertical range it has - why does it always go through the trees rather than over them?
- I wonder if the monster's flashes were what Locke saw when he said he saw it as a 'bright light.' It also seemed Juliet was looking right at it, while Kate was blocking her eyes. Hmm...
- At the "Yay Sawyer" scene at the end I was just waiting for the Ewoks to come out a play a little jam on some Storm Trooper helmets.
- "We should take everything we can find and move out. I can't see why anyone at the beach would want an encampment with shelter, fresh water, electricity, quite possibly food, and also a monster fence. No reason to bother moving into this settlement or even telling anyone else that it exists. In fact, I've already forgotten that I've ever been there." I can really see why Jack is the uncontested leader here.
- It would have made no sense to stay at Othersville. The Others have a cache of weapons they took with them, surveillance equipment that they may be able to access from their new location, and the 815 folks have been safe on their beach since Ethan (and Michael) left. Why stay in a place where they'd be sitting ducks when The Others decided to return or kick them out?
- Why is everyone assuming from the last five minutes of tonight's show that Losties are never ever coming back to the Others' community? All Jack said is, "Now we go back." If for no other reason, somebody needs to go back to tell the other Losties about the Others' setup.
- Locke joining The Others is probably the best thing that ever happened to the Lostaways. If his past track record is anything to go by, the Others' new camp will be in flames by the end of the season, with Locke standing outside with a contrite look on his face.
- Alas, I miss Locke already. However, I also get the feeling that once Ben and the Others hear his endless drivel about the island's mystical nature, his stolen kidney, his Daddy issues and how they really shouldn't rely on all their modern-day conveniences, they'll realize just how truly batshit crazy and balls-out nuts he really is and send his ass back to the Jack on their super-top-secret commuter jet in the underground hanger.
- Once again my favorite part of the episode is the expression on Sayid's face as he realizes that another of his compatriots has made an idiotic choice. First, Locke made the communication station go boom and now, Jack brings a possible mole into their camp. Someone tell me why Sayid is not the leader?
- Once again, Sayid is the only one who's making sense at this point. I loved the look he gave after Jack said Juliet was left behind too. It was sort a "Okay. We'll see how long this takes to bite you in the butt" sort of thing. I feel so sorry that he always has to rescue these people. I'd love to see him and Rousseau (and possibly Desmond) just go off together and leave the rest to fend for themselves.
- I do love Hurley and Sawyer together, though. I shall call them... Surley.
- You know what would be kind of cool? If in the very last episode of the series, they have a reveal where we find out her name is not really Kate. Just like all her made up names in her flashbacks....It could go something like this:
Jack: I can't believe I allowed myself to trust Juliet.
Sayid: Good thing I was able to shoot her in the head.
Jack: I'm sorry I've been such a Jackass, Kate.
Kate: My name's not Kate, burn in hell.
Of course, given that we have heard her mother address her as 'Kathryn,' and her childhood sweetheart address her as 'Katie,' it seems rather unlikely...
[e, but it WOULD be hilarious!]


I listened to the weekly "official" podcast by the producers and thought the following comments were important (forewarning: while I left out any true spoilers they mentioned, I did include a few comments that may be deemed by some as vaguely spoilerish, so if you want to be completely safe, skip this section entirely).

Q: When are we going to see Locke again?
A: Not for a while - 4 weeks - episode 19.

They also mentioned the fact that he was soaking wet when he returned from the dock... Which to me means that that point is significant.

Q: How much does Juliet really know about the smoke monster?
A: It seems like Juliet is able to act... she says she's never seen it before, but she knows how to repel it. I wouldn't take her at her word.

Q: Why did Ben ditch Juliet?
A: Two possible explanations: maybe he was tired of her... or maybe something else is going on. Maybe there is something personal between the two of them and she pissed him off. There's clearly some tension there.

Q: Something is bugging me since seeing Exposé. Nikki and Paulo were reading a newspaper with the date of September 24th, but we know that the crash was the 22nd.
A. I can't explain it. I'm going to leave now and fire someone. I'm pretty sure that it was September 22nd, the day of the crash. Actually, they were in Australia, which was the day ahead, and maybe it was the late edition... there's a prop supervisor, Greg, and I'm sure he has some way to explain it. I'm sure they called him and asked about the date of the newspaper.

Hmmm, I can't tell if they're just trying to cover a mistake (which they've done before), or if there IS significance to that date being two days later than it "should have been." The producers kept saying that the Nikki and Paulo episode was going to be a major "game-changer," and then no one could figure out why as it seemed to be a stand-alone episode. Perhaps this was the biggest clue in that episode. I have a theory, but I'm not saying it in case it's right because I think it would be better for everyone to be surprised!

Q. Will Rousseau ever have a flashback? She must know so much about the island.
A. Yes. But I would argue that she seems to know less about the island than our Lostaways, who have only been there 80 days, when she's been there 16 years and always says "I've never seen that before!"

Q. Will we learn more about the Degroots?
A. Yes.


See what this super-fan with a lot of time on his hands constructed.


[Cut to shot of the beach. Sawyer is attempting to catch a fish with a long bamboo pole while Sun and Jin cast nets into the water a short ways away. Sawyer looks at Sun smiles. Sun looks away angrily]
Sawyer: [Sighing and talking to himself] Ain't gonna get the Korean vote.

Claire: Is there anything I can do for you?
Sawyer: No. I just came by to...say your baby's...
[Aaron cries out again]
Sawyer: He's not as wrinkly as he was a couple of weeks ago.

Desmond: So what's your angle, brother?
Sawyer: My angle?
Desmond: Well you...haven't spoke 3 words to me and...suddenly you want to be my hunting partner.
Sawyer: My angle is I got hearts and minds to change. And politics is all about bribes. Since money don't mean squat on this island, I gotta give the people something they like. And people like meat.

Kate: How's your shoulder.
Juliet: Awesome.

Kate: You don't know anything about him.
Juliet: I know where he was born. I know what his parents did for a living. I know that he was married...and who he was married to. I know why he got a divorce. I know how his father died. I know his height, his weight, his birthday, and his blood type. What do you know about him, Kate?

Sawyer: Leader? What the hell are you smoking?
Hurley: Jack's gone...Locke's gone...Kate and Sayid...[Shrugs] You're all we got. Paulo and Nikki died, we all looked to you. Then again you totally tried to steal their diamonds, but we wanted to look to you. Look around. You made everyone happy. Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh, and forget that they're totally screwed.

Sayid: She is not coming with us.


4/11 - One of Us
4/18 - Catch-22
4/25 - D.O.C.
5/2 - The Brig
5/9 - The Man Behind the Curtain
5/16 - Greatest Hits (previously called 'The Truth About Lying')
5/23 - TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE and special episode afterward

There you have it.

I am cautiously optimistic and excited for the next two episodes, from what I've heard about them. Let's hope Sayid lets Juliet have it! Maybe he secretly has been carrying that cat from Patchy's hatch with him this whole time and will unleash it to go ballistic on Juliet. That would be very cool.

On a completely unrelated note, I nearly had a nervous breakdown on Sunday night as I foolishly chose to "upgrade" my blog's template and lost many changes I had made to the lay-out. But because of my HTML skillzzzz that I miraculously recalled from the late 1990s, I recovered the template. You actually shouldn't see much difference, but one enhancement that I am happy about is the fact that you can now easily access all past write-ups from the menu on the right-hand side near the top of every page. I still need to load in my Season One write-ups that were all done via email, but... baby steps.

- e


Anonymous said...

I thought this was an exceptionally well-written episode with regard to the fact that Kate's flashback directly mirrored what was happening on the island at that time (pairing up with Cassidy in flashback, being paired with Juliet in real time; going back to get an explanation (or acceptance) from her mom and getting rejected, going back for Jack and getting rejected, etc.)

Why has Desmond been totally accepted as ok with the castaways when all of the others that they have encountered are viewed with suspicion? They have even been leary of Rousseau, and Desmond was introduced in a very similar way as Bukanin (found in a station by himself, armed, confrontational), yet Desmond has been allowed to join the group, but the others have not. Why? What is it about Desmond that allowed him to be embraced as acceptable? An excellent place to go with him could be a sleeper, in fact, I could even see him as Jacob. Talk about mind control, he predicts the future! He could have everyone eating out of his hand.

Finally, Sayid needs to step up and start being the fighting man that he was trained to be. So far this season he's basically been ineffective as a fighter. Where are his mad military skillz???? HE alone should have been able to outwit the Others. He should have never been captured. Why has he become so weak and careless??? Back to the fighting man!

Just my two cents.

cynthia said...

this may not be correct, but i'd like to suggest that maybe the reason why juliet knew the forcefield of doom was turned off was because she had turned it off earlier on her way to kate (or while taking unconscious kate with her into the jungle).

since we know juliet handcuffed herself to kate, do we really believe that the others threw the two ladies out into the same exact place in the jungle and that juliet happened to wake up first and happened to have a pair of handcuffs on her? no way! i think one of two things happened to juliet.

whether she was gassed or not (which is still up for debate), she was left behind alone by the others. she could have either 1) grabbed some handcuffs after the others left, turned off the forcefield and went out to find kate to try to win her friendship but handcuffing herself to kate; or 2)unlocked the weird game room kate was in and dragged the unconscious kate and a pair of handcuffs out a bit into the jungle.

i think scenario 1 is the most plausible since it would be pretty hard to get kate that far away from the camp on her own, but then again, she could have gassed or drugged kate again to ensure she stayed unconscious as she took her, perhaps in a wheel barrow or something? (she could have gassed jack and sayid as well so that they woke up much later, which they did). evidence to support this is that juliet had a negative and immediate reaction to kate's idea to go back to the others' village right after they woke up. maybe the reason she didn't want kate to follow the trail was because she knew it might tip kate off to what juliet had been up to.

But for me, the big question is whether the others were really pissed enough with juliet to just leave her, or whether she is a spy for them- working to infiltrate the lostaways and falsely befriend them. evidence to support the idea that juliet is still working for the others: if scenario 1 is true and juliet wasn't gassed the others would have told her exactly where to find kate or she could have seen where they put her before they left.

and i have a hard time believing the others would really leave for anything more than a short period of time. i would think they are at least still watching, if they've gone somewhere far away.