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S3EP12 - Par Avion (Claire's third flashback)

I think blondes WOULD have more fun than this...Hello my dear friends -

Wow, I LOVED this episode. I can't remember enjoying Lost this much in quite a while... I really didn't think there was a dull moment. Since there is a lot to cover, I will get right into it. First, I should mention the dual meaning of the episode title (as is often the case) - Par Avion can mean both "by airplane" (like... the Lostaways from Flight 815) and "airmail" (like the bird taking the note). And no, just because it's French doesn't mean there's a connection to Rousseau (I hope).


(Shout-out to AW for the idea for this section's header... )

They totally got the force field idea from my beloved Death StarYet another connection was confirmed between two of the Lostaways... Jack and Claire share the same crappy father. While this really wasn't a surprise to most fans, it was interesting to see played out nonetheless. If it WAS a surprise to you, then you must have forgotten Christian's drunken visit (with Ana Lucia waiting in the car) to Aunt Lindsey last season:

[Christian knocks on the door as Ana waits in the car watching.]
CHRISTIAN [faintly, under a Patsy Cline song]: I just want to see my daughter. [then yelling] She's my daughter and I have every right to see her.
LINDSEY: No, you don't have a right. Now get out.
[She tries to close the door, but Christian tries to bust his way in. Ana runs over.]
CHRISTIAN: I pay the mortgage on this house... I want to see my daughter.
[Ana pulls Christian back.]
ANA: What the hell is wrong with you?
LINDSEY: Don't you ever come back here.
[Ana pulls Christian to the car.]
CHRISTIAN: I was just having a conversation with the lady.
LINDSEY: You need help!

Alas, they made it VERY OBVIOUS that Claire didn't even know Christian's name, so I wouldn't expect that Jack and Claire are ever going to piece together their shared blood. But then again... The Others do seem to know everything about the Lostaways... so maybe one of them will spill the big secret at some point in the future. You can see a quick and dirty family tree here.

And can I just make this one last comment? I think Christian has gotten more air-time in this series than Jin!?!?! He should be listed as one of the main cast members!


I've been a bad, bad girl!This episode brought front and center a recent theme as of late on the series: hope. Claire's flashback ended by revealing that years later, her mother was still being kept alive by machines in the hope that she would awaken one day. And then on the island, the last line of Claire's note attached to the bird very much paralleled her attitude about her mother: "We are alive. Please don't give up on us."

The theme of hope was also featured prominently in Hurley's flashback, which I didn't mention at the time:

HURLEY'S DAD: Having hope is never stupid. You've got to believe good things will happen and then they will.

... and then later...

HURLEY: What's your problem, man? Why do you don't want this to work?
SAWYER: I don't care if it works. Why is it so important to you?
HURLEY: Because we could all use a little hope.
SAWYER: If it's hope you're looking for ese, you're on the wrong damn island. There sure as hell ain't no hope here.

And of course, Claire's big plan to attach the note onto a migratory bird was pegged on the hope that the bird and the note would one day be found...


My next trick is to pull a Virgin Mary out of the sea!...perhaps they should've water-proofed the note container, then! D'OH!

Some people on the boards are convinced that Charlie actually kept the note because he knows that while on the island, Desmond will always try to keep him safe. And of course he wants to just live happily ever after there with Claire, anyway. Others think he had always had two pieces of paper in his hand, and therefore still did put the note into the container. Take a good look at that pic... what do YOU think?


Let me state ONCE AGAIN that no matter how lame this show may get before the series is over (and let's all pray that that doesn't become the case), no one will be able to say we didn't learn something along the way...

Bird-loving fans pointed out that two different species were used in the show: 1) Generic Seagull - Shown earlier in the episode when Jin, Sun and Claire were about to drop the net, and 2) Arctic Tern - A true migratory bird, this is what was captured by Desmond and set free with the note at the end.Some fans jumped on the fact that this was an arctic bird and we have seen a scene previously in the show that looked suspiciously like it was in the arctic: when the guys at the end of Season 2 detected the electromagnetic anomaly and then called Penny.

Here is a long post I came across that explains the theory that the island is actually close to Antarctica (don't ask me why it's warm, then!):

"The Arctic Tern is famous for its migration; it flies from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back again each year. (19,000 km (12,000 mi) journey). Arctic Terns leave Canada, Russia and other northern places and migrate south toward Antarctica during the months of September through November. They spend the summer of the Southern Hemisphere (December, January and February) around Antarctica.Flight 815 crashed on September 22, 2004. The Losties have been on the island for 80 days. So the actual time of the calendar year for them is somewhere around the second week of December. So either the writers are off by a few months (doesn't fit with how they are 100% meticulous with other details) or this lends more evidence to the theory that this island is a REALLY long way from Fiji and is actually very close to Antarctica - and explains why Penny's guys were in the arctic manning the monitoring station looking for an "event"."


I'd like a tattoo like my son got in Thailand... you know, the cursed kind.Let's round out our coverage of Claire by taking a moment to appreciate her rebellious past. Sporting dark, goth hair! Working in a tattoo and piercing parlor! Being a bratty teenager! Crashing the car and throwing her mother into a coma! Oh, the horror.

But there were some strange things about Claire's flashbacks, when you piece them all together to date. The last flashback scene showed a pregnant Claire rendering a tearful apology to her comatose mom. However, in a scene from perhaps a few months prior in Claire's life (from Claire's very first flashback in Season One), we have this dialogue:

CLAIRE: I am six weeks late, okay. Six weeks. That never happens. I'm pregnant.
THOMAS: Okay. Okay. Look, it's all going to be okay.
CLAIRE: I know. I know.
THOMAS: Hey, Claire? If we, if we wanted to we could do this.
CLAIRE: Stop it.
THOMAS: No. I'm not kidding.
CLAIRE: My mom would disown me.
THOMAS: She basically has already.

People thought it was strange that both Claire and Thomas talked as if Claire's mom was an active part of their lives. Some speculated that perhaps Claire never told Thomas about the crash, and had only told him that she and her mother didn't speak. Or that the writers just messed up.

Two last things before moving on from Claire... there was a 108 on her dashboard when she crashed the car, and some noted the "--rley," and "Alex" tattoos in her tattoo parlor.


Where are Aragorn and Gandalf to save me from certain death?If even I, Extreme LOTR fan, am ready to bid adieu to Darth Hoodie, then you know he must really be annoying the crap out of most people. Learning about all the different ways that Charlie could have died is going to get tiresome very soon... which is why most people are wanting this story arc to get wrapped up sooner rather than later, even if that means the demise of Claire's new boyfriend.

By the way... it has been pointed out that all of Desmond's visions of Charlie's death have to do with Charlie either trying to save Claire or being around her, so now that she has promised to help keep him safe, that may actually be the kiss of death for him.


I can use my powers, as well as my accent, for good or for eeevil.Riddle me this: Why did Desmond shoot at the “boar” when Claire, Sun and Jin were setting up to catch the bird with the net? While we were probably supposed to assume that Desmond's actions tied in with one of the “Charlie died when…” scenarios, if you think about it, it just doesn’t seem to fit because:

1) Charlie was nowhere to be found in that scene in the first place,
2) If they had caught that bird then, wouldn’t that have prevented Charlie from attempting to catch one later (and dying as a result)?, and
3) Desmond explained Charlie’s “deaths” to Claire later, but none of them related to this scene.

Most people wrote this scene off as a minor inconsistency. A few others believe that Desmond has ulterior motives, and while his “flashes” might be real, he is going to start (or already has started) using them to gain power on the island. I don't buy this theory, but thought I should mention it just in case.

OK, we are done with the Claire, Charlie, Desmond and the birds crap. Let's get to the REAL meat of this episode...


Kate: So how’d you get here. How did you get on this island?
Rousseau: Don’t waste your breath, whatever he says will be a lie.
Mikhail: I was recruited when I was 24. I was approached by a man…
Kate: I didn’t ask you when, I asked you how.
Mikhail: They brought me on the submarine.
Kate: So, your people, they can just come and go whenever they want.
Mikhail: Go, yes. But two weeks ago, our underwater beacon stopped emitting its locater signal. There was an event… an electromagnetic pulse. It would be impossible to come back.
Kate: Why would you want to come back?
Mikhail: You would not understand.
Kate: Try me.
Mikhail: I misspoke. What I meant to say is… you are not capable of understanding
Kate: And why am I not capable?
Mikhail: Because you are not on The List.
Kate: What list?
Mikhail: The man who brought me here, who brought all of my people here, he is… a magnificent man.
Kate: If Ben’s so magnificent, then why did he need one of us to save him?
Mikhail: Ben? Ben is not him. I will try to make this as simple as I can. You are not on The List because you are flawed [Looks at Kate]… because you are angry [Looks at Locke]… and weak [Looks back towards Sayid]… and frightened [Still looking back towards Sayid].
Sayid: The more I learn about your people, the more I suspect you are not as omniscient as you’d have us believe. Don’t speak to us as if you know us.
Mikhail: Of course I don’t know you, Sayid Jarrah. How could I? And you, Kate Austen, are a complete stranger to me. But you, John Locke, you I might have a fleeting memory of. But I must be confused, because the John Locke I know was para…
(Cut off by Danielle)

Several things to note from this scene:
- In the last episode, Patchy said he responded to a newspaper ad about saving the world and that's how he joined DHARMA. We then learned that he was never a member of DHARMA, so we weren't sure how he actually came to be on the island. Above he stated that he was "approached by a man" when he was 24 and brought to the island on a submarine. Later, he insinuates that the man who brought him to the island is the leader of The Others, and that is it NOT Ben. Remember that Ben has also talked of a "brilliant man" when he was held captive in the Swan Hatch:

LOCKE: I was trapped under that blast door, helpless. You could've crushed my skull, but you didn't do a thing. Why didn't you?
GALE: Because you're one of the good ones, John.
LOCKE: What? Good what?
GALE: None of this matters. I'm dead anyway. The doctor's gone to make a trade and we both know he'll come back empty-handed and then I've lost my value. So either Jack comes back here and kills me or my people find out where I'm being held and they do it.
LOCKE: Why would your own people want to kill you?
GALE: Because the man in charge -- he's a great man, John, a brilliant man -- but he's not a forgiving man. He'll kill me because I failed, John. I failed my mission.
LOCKE: What mission?
GALE: When that woman caught me in her trap I was on my way here, John. I was coming for you.

- So we can still assume that this guy that all of The Others seem to worship is most likely "Jacob," creator of "The List" that has been referenced several times by Others throughout Seasons Two and Three.
- Speaking of "The List"... um, I think Benry may have lied to Locke when he stated that Locke was one of "the good ones" above. Because Patchy certainly seems to believe that neither Sayid, Kate nor Locke was on the list. Most likely Benry just wanted to gain an ally in Locke - in the hopes that Locke could somehow help save him, if it came down to that. Let's not forget that The Others seem to know everything about the Lostaways, and therefore they most likely know that Locke's psyche profile made him out to be "amenable for coercion" (as stated by the undercover cop in Locke's flashback earlier this season). But then again, Locke DID see a white light when he encountered Smokey, so maybe on the island he has somehow redeemed himself for whatever bad things he did in his past?
- One more point on "The List"... how exactly is it related, if at all, to the dossiers that it seems like they have on everyone (remember the big file Juliet had on Jack)? As one post put it: "This interests me in a chicken-or-egg kind of way. Does Ben have the dossiers because they are there, or are they there because he has the dossiers? Because he has dossiers for not-on-the-list folks like Jack and Kate, too. Why would they be "brought" there if they are not on the list? Conversely, why are there so many connections among them if their crashing was an accident?"
- Patchy stated once again that there's a submarine.
- He confirmed that the electromagnetic pulse (that we know occured when Desmond turned the failsafe key) made it impossible to return to the island, and that therefore none of The Others would want to leave if they couldn't get back.
- In the last episode, he said he'd been on the island for 11 years. If he actually came when he was 24... he looks a lot older than 35, don't you think?
- He claims to have had a "fleeting memory" of Locke when Locke was paralyzed - but what in the heck does that mean in the first place? Did he know him or not?


Behold the Force Field of Doom!Sayid: Don't touch it! Don't even go near it. [To Mikhail] What is it?
Mikhail: What do you think they are?
Sayid: A security perimeter. Those sensors on the side would be triggered if anyone passed between them. It's an alarm system or a trap. Either way we'd be safer going around it.
Mikhail: You are right. It was a security perimeter...but like everything else on this island it hasn't functioned in years.
Sayid: Of course it hasn't.
Mikhail: If you wish to waste your time, be my guest. The pylons encircle the entire barracks. There is no going around them. If you don't believe me, look at your map.
[Sayid takes the map out of his pocket and hands it to Kate who opens it and they look at it]
Sayid: He appears to be telling the truth.

So... Patchy was telling the truth about the pylons circling Othersville... but was he intentionally lying about the security system not functioning, or did he truly not know that it was back in action? Remember, if he's been living in seclusion for several years, he may not have been "in the know" regarding all of The Others' projects.

By the way, if you are interested, here is a detailed view of the map Sayid was referencing.


This is the thanks I get for sharing MORE information than anyone EVER on this show?!?!A few people on the boards wondered if The Others had some sort of chip implanted in them that would cause them to die if they crossed the security perimeter from the outside going in (to scare off any potential captors). Remember that Ms. Klugh hinted that it was their protocol to kill any of their own who might be put in a situation where they could be forced to share information. Patchy definitely seemed relieved to meet his maker. And I guess I have to be somewhat happy because I think this may just be the closest thing to a force field that we're going to get on this show. Now let's hope for a dragon!

But seriously, though, did they HAVE to show Patchy's disgusting death? And how in the heck did Sayid know that that's what a cerebral hemmorhage looks like? I was thinking that it had done something to blow out Patchy's eardrums. Either way, it was nas-tay and I hope that's the last of gross scenes like that.

R.I.P., Patchy.


I do not think I am going to like what you are about to say, therefore into the force field you must go!Yes, I had a sickening, sinking feeling in my stomach when it was discovered that Locke did indeed know about the C-4 explosives despite claiming the opposite. Why they didn't have Sayid continue to press Locke to own up for his deceptiveness is beyond me. My man is turning bad!!!! What should I do?!?! I will continue to hope that there's a good explanation for his behavior... that's what I'll do.

Since we now know that Locke found out about the explosives himself, and not because Sayid or Kate told him, we need to wonder about what else we missed "off-camera." Did Locke find/read any more Dharma manuals? Did he find something that explained the "Enter 77" protocols for blowing up the hatch?


So we all know that Patchy was about to reveal that Locke was paralyzed, right before Danielle cut him off to show everyone the security system. It seemed clear that Locke was intrigued, and possibly concerned, that Patchy seemed to know all of their names and acted like he had information on Locke's past. So is that why Locke pushed Patchy into the force field of doom? I think it is - Locke wants to forget his past life and remain a force to be reckoned with on the island.

Higher-level explanations for Locke's recent bizarre behavior are:

He doesn’t want off the island

Similar to Rose (whose cancer was cured), Locke has felt the effects of the “power” of the island, and has always believed in its mysticism. Possibly more so than any other Lostaway, Locke is a completely different person on the island (as the ABC Promo Monkeys stated, “He has transformed, unlike any other survivor”). Jack knows that Kate is a criminal. Everyone knows that Sawyer is a con man. But nobody (except Walt (gone) and Boone (dead)) knows that Locke was paralyzed. Locke’s life is significantly better on the island, and he doesn’t want anything or anyone to change that.

He just doesn’t care anymore

I mentioned this point in a slightly different way last week, but I think that after having caused the destruction of the hatch when he "stopped believing," Locke's resurrected faith in The Island and belief that “everything happens for a reason” has led him to throw caution to the wind. After overanalyzing the button-pushing in The Swan hatch, Locke has stopped thinking and started acting. As one poster put it: “I think Locke is just in "let's see what happens if I ..." mode. He did it with the chess game, and I just think he was trying to see what the pylons did.” Locke is just trusting his first instinct, without regard to its impact on others.

He wants revenge

As we could kind of tell from the previews for this week's episode, Locke seems on a mission to find Benry. I believe that Locke now blames Benry for causing him to lose his way. If you recall this exchange...

GALE: This place? This place is a joke, John.
LOCKE: What are you talking about?
GALE: I crawled through your vents and I stood at your computer as the alarm beeped. And you know what happened? The timer went all the way down to zero, and then some funny red pictures flipped up in its place. They looked like hieroglyphics, but I'm no expert. And then things got real interesting. There was a loud clunking and a hum like a magnet -- a big magnet. It was really very frightening. And you know what happened next? Nothing happened, John. Nothing happened at all. Your timer just flipped back to 108. I never entered the numbers. I never pressed the button.
LOCKE: You're lying.
GALE: No, I'm done lying.

... then you can see how Locke could blame Benry for causing him to stop believing in his button-pushing duties. When Locke destroyed the computer and the timer ran out... something DID happen, so it is now obvious that Benry was lying. After Patchy mentions that none of them are on "the list," (which is opposite of what Benry intimated) Locke has extra motivation to get some answers out of Benry.

I have to admit I actually thought he was going to do something to hurt Kate after he joined her on the other side of the force field. Damn these horrible thoughts!!! Banish them from my miiinndddd!!!!!


The French... we like to remain... how do you say, mysterious!Two things that raised eyebrows regarding Rousseau:

1) Patchy didn't say that SHE wasn't on the list. In fact, he never even acknowledged her. To some, this confirmed suspicions from last week that she perhaps is an Other, was an Other, or has some sort of deal with The Others.
2) Her excuse for not asking questions about Alex didn't make any sense: “Imagine 16 years from now, you’re told he was still alive. But in your heart, you know that he wouldn’t remember you, he wouldn’t know you. He wouldn’t even know that you ever cared about him…. I haven’t asked you questions about my daughter because I do not want to know the answers.”

We'll be keeping an eye on you, Frenchy!


How awesome was that final scene? I don't know what I loved more - Sayid's blank stare of confusion, Kate's angry scowl of disbelief, or Jack's cheesey touchdown move?

Zeke throws like a girl!First, let me say that I STRONGLY believe that Jack is just playing along with The Others. I do not think he's been brainwashed, I do not think he gave up and is no longer trying to leave, I just think he realizes that he is very much outnumbered and needs to get to know his captors better before making any moves. Remember that when they were about to leave for the main island, Jack told Juliet that his hope was that they could work together so that they could both get off of the island. I think he's just biding his time.

But to Kate... especially since she rescued Karl from the "Clockwork Orange" brainwashing room, she must fear the worst. Either that, or she's assuming that Jack decided that 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and threw in the towel and forgot about the rest of the Lostaways. Man, was her expression priceless. Girl has some GREAT looks.


There was a theory on the boards that the Jack we saw playing football was not the Jack we've come to know as the Mad Doctor. People cited a "new" tattoo on his left forearm, but it has actually been there all along.


Better get your glasses... that is a looong book.How elated was I when Sawyer was shown reading a book by my favorite author, Ayn Rand? While it wasn't my favorite book of hers (which is Atlas Shrugged), I was still pleased. How does the story in The Fountainhead relate to the happenings on the island? The book's title is a reference to Rand's statement that "man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress," so maybe you could tie in something about how any of the Lostaways acting selfishly is actually a good thing. I think it's kind of a stretch... all of her books are generally about individualism versus collectivism - with collectivism often looking utterly evil. Perhaps this could somehow fit into the "free will versus fate" theme, but once again, I am not sure it's anything more than a shout-out by the writers, who are also most likely fans of her work.


The winning city: Othersville!


- Danielle's story is looking more and more suspicious. I'm beginning to think that she made a deal with the 'Others' long ago to save Alex's life for whatever reason. Since she murdered her team, she's been banished to that island for life in hopes of regaining her daughter at some point.
- Obviously Zeke isn't Johnny Unitas.
- I want Desmond and Charlie to come up with some sort of code when he should not do something because it would result in his death. Des: "Hey Charlie, go pick some coconuts" Charlie: "again? OH! Thanks Des!"
- I thought Christian would bust out his Red Sox line in his speech to Claire and false hope, and she'd bring it up at some point to maybe Sawyer on the beach.
- Jack's touchdown spike was also hilariously overdone. Jack WOULD be 'that guy' who celebrates a score with showboating. And they were just playing catch! It wasn't a game or anything!
- Oh Jack, you are going to get nephew Aaron some of the lamest Xmas gifts.
- Why is Locke so desperate to hide his paralyzed past?? The only person he's shared this information with is Walt - a ten-year-old! Yeah, I'm going to share my most guarded secret with a child.
- The acting during the "football game" was horrendous. I felt like I was watching a Levitra commercial.
- The only thing better than LevitraCommercial!Jack playing football with the Others would be a scene in which Jack and Ben sing karaoke to DriveShaft.
- I've never seen anyone develop Stockholm Syndrome that fast. Gotta be some kind of record.
- I can't wait for the Others flashback when we see Ben drop a big pile of dossiers in front of each Other: "OK, people, a bunch of folks just crashed on the island, so you each have to memorize the entire file for every single one of them. Y'know, just in case you encounter them and need to seem creepy and mysterious." An enormous groan goes up from all involved.
- Locke likes his relationships when he's in a position of power. By disclosing his secret (paralysis) to the rest of the Island dwellers, he may become more likeable, but it'd be out of sympathy or pity. I don't think Locke wants that.


SAYID: From the position of this stream we should be here. If the scale is right, these people are 2 miles in that direction. [Looking at Mikhail] I don't expect you to confirm that.
LOCKE: [Spitting and disgusted] It's an electrical wiring map Sayid. I'm not sure it's as accurate as you think.
SAYID: Well, it's certainly not as infallible as the magic carvings on your stick.

LOCKE: Remind me why we're keeping him alive.
SAYID: What do you suggest, we shoot him like a dog?
LOCKE: No. I like dogs.

KATE: Why did you do that? We needed him!
LOCKE: They were never gonna trade him for Jack.
KATE: You don't know that.
LOCKE: Well you don't know it either. What we do know is that he shot one of his own people who didn't want to be in this exact situation. So I'm gonna stick with my opinion.
KATE: Yeah, well, we could have discussed it.
LOCKE: Nobody asked me about it when we brought him along in the first place.
SAYID: Alright.
LOCKE: Pardon me for not knowing that they had a uh...uh...uh...uh...sonic weapon fence!?!

Go deep, Zeke!KATE: What?
SAYID: We're here.
[Sayid leads them a little ways in the jungle and they can see the backyards and homes of the Others or the Barracks. The Others are riding bikes and enjoying being outdoors. Kate looks up and sees Jack running at full speed toward her]
KATE: [Muffled] Jack!
[Kate moves forward, but is pulled back and held by Sayid. The scene shifts back to Jack who continues to run towards the jungle, but then looks over his shoulder and catches a football pass. Kate looks on with a bewildered expression and Sayid is speechless]
ZEKE: [Triumphantly laughs]
[Jack tosses the football back to Zeke, who catches it. Zeke tosses another pass to Jack who catches it... and then spikes the football as if he has scored a touchdown]


Jin (also known as Daniel Dae-Kim in this thing called "real life") is one of the new faces of the latest Gap campaign .

I stopped dead in my tracks last week when I saw Jin pass by on a bus on my walk to work. Oh, happy day!


This may give you some peace - a pretty decent timeline of events in the series (including flashbacks).


3/21 - The Man from Tallahassee - The U.S. trailer, and the slightly different Canadian trailer
3/28 - Expose (pronounced ex-po-say, but I don't know how to may the accent over the e in html!)
4/4 - Left Behind
4/11 - One of Us
4/18 - Catch-22
4/25 - D.O.C.

Yes, as many of you might have guessed, I'm very nervous about this week's episode as we finally learn how Locke got paralyzed. It worries me because after that, I don't really think they can have any more Locke flashbacks, and so I'm concerned that that could mean that he may get killed off. I'm also anxious because obviously something weird is going on with Locke and I hope they don't make him eeeevil. No matter what though, I'm not changing the URL of this site!

If you think I may be having a nervous breakdown while watching the episode live, please send good vibes my way to help me make it through.

Finally, a big thank you and shout-out to my brother (aka: Ug) for organizing, researching, and writing a good deal of this post while I was singing "Yo Ho, YO HO, a Pirate's life for me!" with the animatronic Captain Jack Sparrow in Disneyland this past weekend.

Until next week,

- e


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Hey E! I was in Disneyland last weekend! I was disappointed by the Pirates ride. It was better than it used to be, but I thought they'd do more with the revision. California Screamin' is the BEST!

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E --

Lost is almost unwatchable at this point. Idol makes for better television these days. And the worst part of the show is that your boy Locke has become terrible.

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i love reading your blog.

oh, theres all this subtle star wars thing going on on lost.

now lando is going to appear on a kate episode...

and this dynamic between kate sawyer and jack. is so han leia and luke.....


i liked par avion... locke was getting on my nerves, but after tonights episode (talahassee) i like him again...

theres all this aura of mystery, of wtf is this island?? i missed that. i guess im the complete opposite of these people that want answers.

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All I can assume is that you are a 12-year-old girl who is in love with Sanjaya on Idol? Because otherwise, no one would dare EVER make that comparison...

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You know, Grace Kely, the princess of Monaco was killed in a car accident. The rumours said that she wasn't driving, but her daughter Stefani was. She was underaged back then -maybe 15, so they tried to cover her.I don't know if it has anything to do...Just came into my mind

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